Flag of Atiera

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Flag of Empire of Atiera
See adjacent text.
Use normal
Proportion 16:9
Adopted 17 July 2020

The national flag of Atiera is the official flag of the Empire of Atiera, representing the nation as a whole. It was designed by Emperor Liam Munroe I], and was adopted as the official flag on 17 July 2020.


Scheme Azure Brunatre White
RGB 4, 68, 175 118, 46, 22 255, 255, 255
Hexadecimal #0444af #762e16 #ffffff

Rules of Use

Half Staff

The flag must be lowered to half staff when the Emperor declares a state of national mourning, and on all national days of mourning as chosen beforehand.

List of flags

National Flags


Previous National Flags

Royal Standards

Military Flags