Flag of Aphelia

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The flag of Aphelia is a national ensign officially adopted on 24 March 2018. It is formed by simple triangle on rectangle. symbolizing orange surface of Mars, deep space, shelter area and life. Another variant of Aphelia flag is the ‘Seafarer flag’ for sea vessel registered to Aphelia Navy or Civilian Fleet and vertical flag hanging.

Flag of Aphelia Space Research Nation
See adjacent text.
Use National flag
Proportion 16:9
Adopted 24 March 2018
Designed by STL Kobayashi

The Aphelia Graphic Manual give an exact colours and dimensions for the flag. The flag is used as the national flag of Aphelia and can be printed on launch vehicle along with macronation flag to identified ownership of such object.


Colour HEX code
Cinnabar #ec3225
Oxford blue #263238
WhiteSmoke #f5f5f5
Bismark #546e7a

Rules and use

Double flag sleeve patch

Aphelia flag can be wear on sleeve patch along with macronation or another micronation flag. Double flag sleeve patch can be wear in 3 variant depend on type of flag and current territory of wearer. To wear ASRN flag with macronation flag in and outside Aphelia territory, place macronation flag above Aphelia flag. To wear ASRN flag with micronation flag in Aphelia territory, place Aphelia flag above desire micronation flag. To wear ASRN flag with micronation flag in desire micronation territory, place desire micronation flag above Aphelia flag.


The flag must be only lowered on half-mast when the Commander of Aphelia ordered a respect, mourning or, in some cases, a salute. When hoisting a flag that is to be displayed at half-mast, it should be raised to the finial of the pole for an instant, then lowered to half-mast. Likewise, when the flag is lowered at the end of the day, it should be hoisted to the finial for an instant, and then lowered.