Flag of Akebar

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Flag of Akebar
Stän Leykbaränik
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Name Stän netik
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 16 July 2013
Design A verticle tricolor of red, blue, and white with the silhouette of a rooster in the third band.

The flag of Akebar (Volapük: Stän Leykbaränik) is the official flag of the Republic of Akebar which has been used as the official national flag since the creation of the independent Akebarian state in July 2013. A vertical tricolour was chosen since the design has been seen as a symbol of Republicanism since the French revolution, and thus the flag has its origins in the French tricolour. However it is more closely linked to the Welsh Republican flag, which was used by now now defunct Welsh Republican movement.

Several versions of the flag exist however the most commonly used and primary official version features a rooster int the third band. The rooster is one of the official animal of the Republic of Akebar and is symbol of the region's agricultural heritage.

Alternative flags

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St. Oswald's stripes, the flag attributed to the former Kingdom of Northumbria, used as a nationalistic flag within Akebar. File:Akebarian cross flag.png|
Alternative flag of Akebar with the Akebarian Cross