First Sea Lord (Baustralia)

The First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff (1SL/CNS; French: Premier Seigneur de la Mer et Chef d'État Major de la marine) is the professional head, and the second most senior officer of His Royal Navy. The current First Sea Lord is Admiral Sir Nick Sullivan. By military protocol, the title used in international contexts is First Sea Lord of Baustralia.

First Sea Lord and
Chief of the Naval Staff
Badge of His Royal Navy.svg
Badge of His Royal Navy
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Command pennant of an Admiral
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Admiral Sir Nick Sullivan

since 9 May 2021
His Royal Navy
Formation12 March 2018
First holderAdm. Sir John Timpson

Order of precedence

Defence Council
Preceded by
Chief of the Defence Staff
Chief of the Naval Staff Succeeded by
Chief of the General Staff
Preceded by
Lord High Admiral
First Sea Lord Succeeded by
Second Sea Lord

Rank insignia

The rank insignia of a First Sea Lord is of an Admiral.

NATO Code OF-9

1st Sea Lords

Year Sovereign Year Sea Lord
1st Sea Lord
2017 –   John I 12 March 2018 – 9 May 2021   Admiral Sir John Timpson
9 May 2021 –   Admiral Sir Nick Sullivan