First Cubian National Party Congress

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First Cubian National Party Congress
CNP Logo.png
17–24 October 2020 (2020-10-17 – 2020-10-24) 2nd →
  CNPSymbol.png CNPSymbol.png CNPSymbol.png
Candidate Alexa Jujeh Krjekovak Neb
First ballot Won Lost Lost
Second ballot Won Lost Lost

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The August 2020 Anti-Anime Party leadership election occured from 17-24 October 2020. It elected the leader of the Cubian National Party. If incumbent leader Alexa were to fail to get re-elected, the winner would become Cube Controller, during the period in which the Cube Council is dissolved. The newly elected Cube Controller would most likely have had to form a provisional government which would last for around a week. A second round happened on 24 October 2020, as Jujeh Krjekovak has cited that "turnout was dismal"