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First Bite

First Bite is a 2018 British supernatural horror short-film writen and directed by Mathew Bearne. First Bite was released on YouTube on 2 May 2018, and released on DVD in New Eiffel on 9 April 2019 distributed by Z&jProductions. The film was made as a tribute to silent films from the 1920s.

First Bite
First Bite
Directed byMathew Bearne
Produced byMathew Bearne
Written byMathew Bearne
Screenplay byMia Bearne
Story byMathew Bearne
StarringSophina Bhatti, Darcey Conway, Verity Purdy, Zarel Smith, Joseph Sim, Sophia Sim
Music byAlex Blitez
CinematographyMia Bearne
Edited byMathew Bearne
Release date
2 May 2018
Running time
1 minute
CountryUnited Kingdom



The plot follows an awkward teenage girl's first day at school. She does not fit in, and is looked down upon by her fellow classmates. While the students were walking down a corridor, the girl reveals she is actually a vampire - chasing after them. They try to open a door but are unsuccessful, and end up running outside of the school. She kills the characters off one-by-one. The film ends with her staring into the camera, before it zooms into her face and fades to black after she screams.


The film was a high school film project being funded and produced by Esher Church of England High School. Six students were taking part. The film was made to acknowledge and accolade the silent film era, especially by the utilisation of close-ups, sizeably voluminous gestures and the utilisation of music.

The budget was around £1,000. The film is thought to have been filmed in 1080p with a panavision camera and edited with Sony Vegas. It was directed by Mathew Bearne, and the camera work was done by his daughter Mia Bearne.

Release and reception

It gained a respectable amount of 290 views on YouTube since it was uploaded as of 22 August 2019.

In New Eiffel, the film was distributed by Z&jProductions.

The film received mostly positive reviews in New Eiffel. ZSR Film Reviews gave it a 6.5/10, saying in the review "Good use of close-ups, filming, and nice camera angles and shots. The story could be hard to follow for some, and although the overall acting was decent some [of] the actors could've done better. The music was also kinda bland".

New Eiffelic National Film Festival

The film was set to be one of six short films that were going to be shown at the 2019 New Eiffelic National Film Festival. The event was cancelled however.

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