Finn (Essexia)

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Earl Finn of Hawarden
Photo from December 2017
Chancellor of the Royal Bank
Assumed Position
July 2018
Predecessor Position Created
Monarch King Terry
First Minister of Essexia
In Office
19 September 2018 – 1 January 2019
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Lord Chris of Essexia
In Office
13 March 2019 – 27 May 2019
Predecessor Lord Chris of Essexia
Successor Lord Jamie of Essexia
Monarch King Terry
Chairman of the Liberal Socialists
Assumed Position
July 2018
Predecessor Position Created
Personal information
Born 14 January
Maldon, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Political party Liberal Socialist
Residence Danbury, Essexia
Occupation Chancellor of the Royal Bank
formerly First Minister

Rt. Hon. Earl Finn was First Minister of Essexia in the Commonwealth of Essexia, and is Chancellor of the Royal Bank of Essexia. Earl Finn is Earl of Hawarden which consists of west Danbury and owns 11 acres of land within the village of Danbury directly, making him the largest landowner in the Commonwealth.

He was hired as Chancellor of the Royal Bank for the RBE in July 2018, by King Terry.

In July 2018 he founded the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia a centre-left social democratic party aiming to make Essexia a better place for the many and not the few, he was also appointed Senator for the Chelmer constituency in the Royal Essexian Parliament. An interest has also been expressed in colonising Antarctica in the name of Essexia. On September 19, 2018, he became the leader of the Commonwealth of Essexia after the Treaty of Chelmsford established the LibSocs as the ruling party.

On December 31, 2018, Earl Finn resigned as Prime Minister of the Commonwealth due to the passing of the Monarchical Powers Act on the same day that granted the King almost absolute power with an advisory Parliament, however the Liberal Socialists remained in power, with an advisory Parliament, with Lord Chris assuming the role of First Minister on 1 January 2019. Following his resignation, in March 2019 Lord Finn assumed the role again.

Earl Finn left office for the second time on the 27th of May 2019, after announcing he would do so on the 24th. On the afternoon of the 26th, Lord Matthew, leader of the Royalist Party, announced that Finn's successor would be Lord Jamie of Essexia.


The Rt. Hon. Earl Finn designed the public Essexian Yen banknotes, helped create the RBE, and provides assistance to King Terry and Princess Jack. He also designed the coat of arms of Essexia as well as the coat of arms for King Terry. On the 10th of October 2018, Earl Finn founded Essexian Aeronautical and Space Technologies Laboratories (EAST), a science corporation with the objective of space exploration. Additionally, he was the First Minister of the Commonwealth of Essexia for two terms (serving as Essexia's only Prime Minister in his first term), and is Essexia's only First Minister of a minority. He has also passed numerous important Acts to define the powers of Parliament, such as the Economic Regulations Act 2019. Earl Finn designed the logo and coat of arms of the Royal Bank of Essexia on the 31st of May 2019.


Earl Finn is well versed in worldwide history, politics, and general knowledge, and has a particular interest in the former African country of Rhodesia and the American state of Michigan. He is also respected as a very British citizen.