Field Marshal (Wellmoore)

Field Marshal is the highest rank of The Wellmoorean Army, held by the Commander-in-Chief. It's equivalent to Marshal of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force, Admiral of the Fleet and Captain General.

Field Marshal
Marechal de Campo
Baustralia Army OF-10.svg
Rank Insignia of Field Marshal
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg The Kingdom of Wellmoore
Service branchWellmoorean Army Ensign.jpg Wellmoorean Army
RankFive-Star Rank
NATO rankOF-10
Non-NATO rankOF-11
Formation16th of March 2020
Rank groupGeneral Officer
Next lower rankGeneral
Equivalent ranksMarshal of the RWAF

Admiral of the Fleet

Captain General

Insignia of the Rank

The rank insignia of a Field Marshal in the Wellmoorean Army comprises two crossed batons in a wreath of oak leaves, with a crown above.

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