Feudalism and Liberty Party

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Feudalism and Liberty Party
PresidentLorenzo Scatto
Lists regentsNils Tedeschi (Colat)
Lorenzo Scatto (Pozut)
Gabriele Lacchi (Teratiliventhia)
Sebastiano Scatto (Vignetia)
Parliament group leadervacant
Membership (2013)6
IdeologyChristian democracy
Liberal conservatism
Political positionRight-wing
ColorsRed, Black
SloganPro Feudalia Iura Factio
Seats in Chamber of Representatives
6 / 15
Seats in the Local Councils
10 / 30

The Feudalism and Liberty Party (italian Feudalesimo e Libertà) was a Yuniversan party of right-wing, founded in 2013 by Nils Tedeschi and Lorenzo Scatto. The party was dissolved by order of the Sovereign Titianus II in 2017.


The idea for the party came from a fake Italian satirical political party.