Feud of Mistak

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Feud of Mistak
Date24 June 2021 – present
Caused byUnsure Future of Mistak
Parties to the civil conflict
  • Naples Flag Damariscotta.pngPeople's State of Mistak
Lead figures

The Feud of Mistak (French: Querelle de Mistak), also called the Mistak Civil War, is a tongue in cheek war over the concepts and structure of the Margraviate of Mistak. The Feud of Mistak takes its name from the Count's Feud of the 1500's Danish war, which was fought along religious lines.


Following nine days of existence, the Margraviate of Mistak was under pressure to assert its direction and goals, with a complicated mess of administrative regions and government institutions leading to a lack of understanding by citizens and outsiders alike. In the evening of 23rd of June, Archie Birch confided with the only citizen Jamie Birch that the nation had no direction and was confused on what to do with it, this then lead Archie to ask friends and Jamie for ideas for the future of the nation. Jamie responded with telling Joe, the advisor for the Lygonian Armeo about the issue and both decided to announce their intent to fight a joke war over the issue. On the 24th of June the Central Mistakian Administration and People's State of Mistak were both founded, as opposing sides in this joke conflict. The future of Mistak unclear with the outbreak of this joke conflict, all sides hope a resolution can be found to end hostilities and direct Mistak into prosperity.


Battle of The Songo

The Battle of The Songo is a pitched battle planned to take place in the afternoon of the 24th of June, the battle is expected to take place between the Central Mistakian Administration and the People's State of Mistak. An outcome is unclear as of yet.