Fesmarian-Belgican Kingdom of Fesmar

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The Fesmarian-Belgican Kingdom of Fesmar was one of two constituent states of the Fesmarian-Belgican Empire. The Empire formed through diplomatic talks between Kenneth Fydtroust and Mats Baumans, the leaders of Fesmar and Belgica respectively, that eventually formed a union.

Fesmarian Rylem
Fesmarian National Coat of arms.png
Coat of arms

Non stabit aeternam
I vow to thee my country
Capital cityNew Penzancia
Largest cityNew Penzancia
Official language(s)English, Cornish, Dutch and German
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- King/EmperorKenneth Chapman-Fydtroust
- King/EmperorKenneth Chapman-Fydtroust
Population39 (7 online and 32 irl)
CurrencyFoon and the Euro

Constituent state of Fesmar-Belgica