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{{Infobox nation  
{{Infobox nation  
|name = Federation of American States <br>FoAS (abbr.) </br>  
|name = Federation of American States <br>FoAS (abbr.) </br>  

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Federation of American States
FoAS (abbr.)

The flag of the FoAS

E Pluribus Unum (Latin)
Out of many, one (trans.)

Star Spangled Banner
Capital cityDistrict of Columbia
Largest cityNew York City
Official language(s)English (official)
Official religion(s)None Official (Secular)
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
LegislatureCongress of the Federation
Area claimedTBD

The Federation of American States is a federal presidential constitutional republic that claims nationhood, but is seen as a micronation by international observers. Unlike most other micronations, it does not view itself as independent from its mother nation the United States. Rather, it seeks to develop an alternate government to what it sees as the increasingly encroaching and over-arching government that oversteps its boundaries. It is not a secessionist nation, rather one focused on reform and turning the nation back towards a system of increased federalism.