Federated States of Gapla

The Federated States of Gapla, more commonly known as Gapla, is a partially recognized sovereign state regarded as a micronation by the external community. The country was founded by Wyatt Seungri Baek on 28 February 2019 because he felt that the United States of America, the country that Gapla declared independence from, was not a fair and free enough country. It is located near the Western Coast of the United States and has a diverse and unique culture.

Federated States of Gapla
Coat of arms
Motto: Erit Ergo Justitia
Anthem: "Romeo and Juliet Overture"

"The Gift: Aria for String Orchestra" (National Hymn)

"A Festival Rondo" (Standard of the Executive Council)

CapitalNew Gaplastovia, Elemental
Largest cityHydroAspect, Sweet Falls
Official languages
Other languages
Ethnic groups (2021)Very diverse
Religion(2021)No official religion, however Christianity is dominant
GovernmentFederative Direct Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
• Executive President
Wyatt Seungri Baek
• Executive Deputy President
Emma Bunnell
• Secretary of State
Renaldo Chang
• Chief Justice
Scott Chiang
• Minister of Foreign Affairs
Eovnia Pual
LegislatureParliament of the Federated States of Gapla
National Executive Council
Chamber of Representatives
Independence from the United States of America
• Declaration of Independence
28 February 2019
• Union Day (Snake, Phoenix, Gapla)
6 March 2019
• First State Joined (Emeralkia)
7 March 2019
• First Constitution Ratified
23 March 2019
• Current Form (Federated States of Gapla)
2 May 2019
• Gaplan Revolution against Michael Hubbard
10 September 2020
• Current Constitution
8 March 2021
• Total
30 km2 (12 sq mi)
• 2021 census
CurrencyGapla Dollar (GPD)
Time zoneGapla Standard Time (UTC-7:00)
Date formatYYYY - MM - DD
Drives on theright
Calling code+1 949
Internet TLD.gx

It has a legislature with the Upper House being the Executive Council and the Lower House being the Chamber of Representatives, together forming the Parliament of the Federated States of Gapla.

The Federated States of Gapla has always been a strong supporter of the Montevideo Convention and the Right to Determination.


Gapla's name came from thin air, as the first president of the Federated States of Gapla, Wyatt Seungri Baek, decided it was a good and suitable name for the micronation. Reportedly, he "had the name [Gapla] in his head [for a long time] but he didn't know where to use it."

The "Federated States of" prefix was added on Union Day when the founder decided to (on March 6, 2019) let states unite into the union. Previously, Gapla had been the Principality of Gapla, a unitary principality.

One popular theory about the name was that it was the small "Gap" near "LA" (Los Angeles), because there was a small micronation that was not noticed by the United States. However, this theory is currently denied by the President.


The Federated States of Gapla originated as the Principality of Gapla on the 28th of February, 2019, ruled by the current president. At this time, the current President was the prince and he handed out noble titles. On Union Day, new states joined in, and on Government Day, the official name changed to the Federated States of Gapla, although there was still a ceremonial monarchy.

After the name changed, states continued to join, and subdivisions of states, cities, were established. Territories were also established for small entities seeking statehood but not yet big enough for it.

Within six months of founding, a national orchestra and website were created.

When the Coronavirus shut down the school Gapla had meetings on, online communication with other micronations and fellow citizens of Gapla increased. More citizens used the platform Discord, but there was a conflict about which platform was better, Google Hangouts or Discord. Many citizens use the simple Google Hangouts instead. Soon after, more diplomats joined and diplomacy grew.

Within one year of founding, a national String Quartet, App, and Chrome Extension were created.

KoH, KoJ, and HydroAspect

The Kingdom of H also joined Gapla as a city of Musicland and was significant because of its population of 20. The King a friend of the Musiclandian state owner Bright Li and decided to merge it into a state. Although the President tried to convince the King to merge as a state, which he thought was better for it, the King disregarded this advice and joined Musicland as a city. Soon after, another 10 member city named the Kingdom of J joined, as the kingdom was recently founded with a population of 10 by the Kingdom of H's king's friend.

More developments took place after a 60-member community, in which a good portion were already Gaplan Citizens, decided to merge into the Federated States of Gapla. This community was called HydroAspect and merged as a dependency of Sweet Falls.

The community has created a Minecraft server for Gaplan citizens to casually play in, self-hosted on the citizen's home. One of the members is hosting the server using their personal home server. They have also created the first Gapla flag pixel art.

LGBT rights movement

The Federated States of Gapla, previously by a court ruling by the then Chief Justice Shaun Murzello, had illegalized the excersizing of many LGBT rights as the Chief Justice opposed it and much of the Parliament had agreed. However, after Christina Nowell of Cycoldia joined the server, the process of change started to begin and the Chief Justice was impeached.

Gapla now offers complete rights to all LGBT individuals and its leadership is a strong supporter of these rights.

Recent developments

After some developments in the economy and budget of Gapla, Gapla bought many accessories such as better web hosting, flags, postcards, pins, and more. This greatly increased the professionality of the nation.

On the 11th and 12th of March, 2021, Gapla suffered from a Discord mass ping raid from high schoolers who found Gapla from a search engine (Google). The users were banned and security on the Discord server was heightened. They made a total of 49 mentions.

Meaning of the flag

Basic meanings

The flag of the Federated States of Gapla has changed only once, on 13th of February 2021, to standardize the flag size to 2:3. The background blue color represents the People, the red cross represents the Pride of the People, the orange represents Parliament and the Association of Ministries, and the yellow star represents the nation. The parts that are touching mean that it is affecting the other area.

Colours of the flag

The blue touches the red, and the orange, because the pride of the people are made from the people, and the Parliament and Association of Ministries are made of the people. Also notice that citizens themselves cannot change the nation, the star.

The red touches all of the areas, because the pride of the people is made from the people, gives people to Parliament and the Association of Ministries, and affects the nation.

The orange represents the Parliament, which most closely touches the star. The orange also is made from the Pride of the People and the People.

This yellow star is the government, and touches everything except for the blue, because citizens cannot change the government alone. It is touching the orange because Parliament and the Association of Ministries can change the government. It is touching the red because the pride of the people can change the government.


States and Territories are parts of the Federated States of Gapla and have their own governments. They are not independent, but still enjoy the right to create their own laws, as long as they are not vetoed by the Supreme Court. The Founding States did not really create Gapla, but they were the first states to join on Union Day. Here is a list of them.

Key to the list

Note: State Government Not Finished = The state government is not done providing enough information for the website.

National Government Not Finished = The state has submitted the information, but the national government is still processing and creating the website.

Asterisk = Last name changed for privacy.

List of subdivisions of Gapla

Superior States (5)
Flag Name Leader Website
  Elemental Chelsea Chen http://elemental.gaplagov.org
  Folia Tail Renaldo Chang http://foliatail.gaplagov.org
  Emeralkia Emma Bunnell and Tessa Huffmire http://emeralkia.gaplagov.org
  Phoenix Mirabelle Wang http://phoenix.gaplagov.org
  Snake Shaun Murzello and George Yang http://snake.gaplagov.org
States (9)
Flag Name Leader Website
  Asmiland Asmi Aggarwal http://asmiland.gaplagov.org
  Kingdom City Serena Ali http://kingdomcity.gaplagov.org
  Sweet Falls Anthony Tatsuta http://sweetfalls.gaplagov.org
  Daisy Grace Tan http://daisy.gaplagov.org
  Mogollon Eovnia Pual State Government Not Finished
  Musicland Bright Li
  Syopolis Vera Sy http://syopolis.gaplagov.org
  Kokichi's Kingdom Betty Zhang State Government Not Finished
  Aeternum Silas W http://aeternum.gaplagov.org
Provisional States (4)
Flag Name Leader Website
  Ozzah Irene Kim and Kavya Tyagi http://ozzah.gaplagov.org
  Great Gryffin Joshua Tan Provisional States are usually not

entitled to their own websites,

but they may create their own optionally.

  Xadia Aditya Meruga
  Pain Scott Chiang and Ian Jia
Territories (9)
Flag Name Leader Website
  Hedgehogtopia Adyson Ngo None, territories are not

entitled to websites.

  Candyland Suhasni Sampath
  Bangtan Aubree Lee and Natalie Oh
  Trinity Anusha Sharma
  Pegasus Diti Patel
  Poshstate Roshini Raju
  Destruction Bhuvan Vellamena
  Mar de Val Anika Kurup
  Cloudland Stone Ho
Special Administrative Regions (1)
Flag Name Leader Website
  Liberty Island Xavier Lee http://libertyisland.gaplagov.org

Subdivisions within subdivisions of Gapla

This list does not include states with only one subdivision.


  • Musiclandia (2,600 square feet)
    • The state capital city.
  • Kingdom of Hanover (0 square feet, about 30 members)
    • More commonly known as the Kingdom of H or simply KoH. It was assigned a new name by the federal government for obvious reasons.
  • Kingdom of Juliver (0 square feet, about 10 members)
    • More commonly known as the Kingdom of J or simply KoJ. It was assigned a new name by the federal government for obvious reasons.


  • Elementalia (3,481 square feet)
    • The state capital city.
  • New Gaplastovia (1,257 square feet)
    • The national capital, attained by Elemental during the 5th Session of Interstatal Competitions. It will be reassigned after the conclusion of the 10th Session of Interstatal Competitions.
  • Stanfordville (1,200 square feet)
  • Castletown (2,688 square feet)
  • Spring City (1,467 square feet)

Folia Tail

  • Grand Center of the Folian Dragon (1,100 square feet)
    • The state capital city.
  • Folian Elementaltar (6 square feet)
    • Inspired by Gibraltar, a 6 square foot piece of New Gaplastovia that is Folian land. However, 1 square foot is administered by the State of Pain.


Note: there is a dispute between which territory is the capital city. Currently, the national government recognizes the Southern Territory as the capital but the state government recognizes the Northern Territory as the capital.

  • Northern Territory (1,929 square feet)
  • Southern Territory (1,294 square feet)

Sweet Falls

  • Sweet Falls Headquarters (1,897 square feet)
    • The state capital city.
  • Royal Dependency of HydroAspect (0 square feet, about 50 members)


  • Painayan Administration of Folian Elementaltar (1 square foot)
    • See Folian Elementaltar.
  • First District (1,960 square feet)
    • The state capital city.
  • Second District (2,249 square feet)

Politics and government


In Gapla, the Government is libertarian in politics. As a federation of 28 states, it is very democratic, focuses on the liberty and human rights, and believes all humans are created equal.

The Federated States of Gapla is divided into three branches of government: the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. The Executive Branch houses the Higher Executive Council (the President, Deputy President, and the Secretary of State), the Judicial Branch houses the Supreme Court, and the Legislative Branch houses Parliament: divided into the Chamber of Representatives and the Executive Council (the President, Deputy President, Secretary of State, Counciliar Assistant, and Secondary Assistant).


Ministries are parts of parliament that decide different things according to their specialty. They advise the President and the Executive Council of Gapla to do certain things, and each Minister acts like a Cabinet Member.

A list of them is below:

  1. Ministry of Public Welfare
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Ministry of the Armed Forces
  4. Ministry of Defense
  5. Ministry of Communications
  6. Ministry of Operations
  7. Ministry of Education
  8. Ministry of Statistics
  9. Ministry of Records
  10. Ministry of Finance
  11. Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship
  12. Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Eras of the state

In Gapla, a state gets an period named after them if they are currently the most influential state. Once a state is no longer the most influential, the state's period will pass. A group of periods is an era. Here is a table showing the periods and eras of Gapla.

Many states that have an era call themselves the "Top League", although this is not official. Top League states are considered to be the most influential, even though Musicland (non Top League) has a higher rating on the index than Phoenix (Top League) as of 14 August 2020. The Gaplan Small State Representation Organization (GSSRO) requires an index score of 500 or lower to join. It opposes the Top League and wants equal representation for every state, although most states, even non Top League members and some GSSRO members, agree that it is a great impossibility.

Note: Ultimate Sessions do not count as eras of the state.

Era Era Number Period Number Name of the Period State(s) Named After Dates of Period Dates of Era
Foundation Era 1 1 Phoenixian Period Phoenix 28 February 2019 - 22 March 2019 28 February 2019 - 20 April 2019
2 First Snakaris Period Snake 23 March 2019 - 20 April 2019
Early Era 2 3 Syopolian Period Syopolis 21 April 2019 - 16 May 2019 21 April 2019 - 9 January 2020
4 Second Snakaris Period Snake 17 May 2019 - 4 September 2019
5 Emeralkian Period Emeralkia 5 September 2019 - 9 January 2019
Developement Era 3 6 First New Xadian Period Xadia 10 January 2020 - 6 February 2020 10 January 2020 - 28 March 2020
7 Chickenopolis Period Folia Tail (then Chickenopolis) 7 February 2020 - 12 February 2020
8 First Ozzahyan Period Ozzah 13 February 2020 - 28 March 2020
Ozzah-Xadia Era 4 9 Second New Xadian Period Xadia 29 March 2020 29 March 2020 - 26 April 2020
10 Second Ozzahyan Period Ozzah 30 March 2020 - 12 April 2020
11 Third New Xadian Period Xadia 13 April 2020 - 26 April 2020
Elemental-Ozzah Era 5 12 First Elementalian Period Elemental 27 April 2020 - 5 May 2020 27 April 2020 - 11 May 2020
13 Third Ozzahyan Period Ozzah 6 May 2020
14 Second Elementalian Period Elemental 7 May 2020 - 10 May 2020
Conquistador Era 6 15 Third Snakaris Period Snake 11 May 2020 11 May 2020 - 2 December 2020
16 Elementalian-Mogollon Period Elemental and Mogollon 12 May 2020 - 2 December 2020
Grand Gaplan Era 7 17 Folia Tail Period Folia Tail-Musicland Merger 3 December 2020 - 6 December 2020 3 December 2020 - 21 January 2021
18 Elemental-Emeralkia Period Emeralkia-Elemental Merger 7 December 2020 - 13 January 2021
19 Second Folia Tail Period Folia Tail-Musicland Merger 14 January 2021 - 21 January 2021
22 January 2021 - 21 February 2021
La Chevaleresque Era 8 22 January 2021 - Present
20 Third Elementalian Period Elementalian Confederation with Several States 22 February 2021 - Present

Geography, climate, and weather

The geography of Gapla is fairly flat land, as Gapla is located near Southern California. Gapla is fairly hot and summy most of the time. The lowest temperature reachable is probably around 10 C, and the hottest is about 40 C.

Gapla's current weather forecast (the weather forecast of Irvine, CA) is available at this link: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/647f0ae4a3b3500e4e0204b5f21a58b5117f635b1bd6b99e00fe80e95325991b

Please note that is service is provided by Weather.com, which is not related to Gapla. The reason Gapla uses Weather.com is because Gapla has no central weather authority. It did at one point, but it relied on the data of Weather.com and was dissolved. The site, http://weather.gaplagov.org, now redirects to the main Gapla website.

Climate data for Great Gapla City, Federated States of Gapla
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 66
Average low °F (°C) 47
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.95
Source: Weather.com

National holidays

These days are declared by either the President or the Executive Council. Note that there are many more unofficial holidays, created by the Citizens of Gapla, that are still observed by the Gaplan Government but not recognized as a holiday.

  • 28 February - Independence Day
  • 13 January - Freedom Day
  • 6 March - Union Day
  • 23 March - Constitution Day
  • 2 May - Government Day
  • 1 September - School Starts in Gapla
  • 10 September - Attack on South Cove Island


Here is a chart of the approximate religious diversity in Gapla. Notice that the population is 70% Christian, 20% Hindu, 5% Other, 4% Muslim, and 1% Buddhist. The religious diversity in Gapla mainly came from western culture, where the 70% of Christianity came. The 20% of Hindus came from the influence of Indian culture on Gapla, the 4% having the minor citizens of the middle east spreading into Gapla, and Buddhism being the minority, other than the very small minorities that make up "Other."

This is mainly due to the religious diversity of Irvine, CA, which is the micronational city that Gapla is in. Racism and forced religion is almost impossible in Gapla due to the diversity, although 70% of the population of Christian.

Leaders and elections


Presidents of Gapla

In Gapla, a president serves for six months. After the six months, a new president, or a re-election occurs. There are unlimited terms to president, but there are talks in the Federal Government about limiting it to four, although most people say that that goes against the Policy of Gapla that states that if a person is good enough, they shall serve until death.

Presidents of the Federated States of Gapla
Name of the President Term Number President Number Term Dates Notes Deputy President
Wyatt Seungri Baek 1 1 28 February 2019 - 28 August 2019 Served as Prince of the Principality of Gapla Mirabelle Wang
2 29 August 2019 - 28 February 2019 None Vera Lily Sy
3 29 February 2020 - 28 August 2020 Irene Kim, provisionally Chelsea Chen
4 29 August 2020 - 4 January 2021 (abnormal) Change of Vote Counting System Chelsea Chen
Chelsea Chen 1 2 5 January 2021 - 27 February 2021 (abnormal) First Female President Wyatt Seungri Baek
Wyatt Seungri Baek 5 1 28 February 2021 - Present None Multiple

Deputy Presidents of Gapla

In Gapla, a Deputy President serves for six months. After the six months, a new Deputy President, or a re-election occurs. There are unlimited terms to Deputy President, but like the President, there are talks on limiting it to two. The Deputy President must agree on new laws of Gapla, unless the Executive Council says otherwise.

Deputy Presidents of the Federated States of Gapla
Name of the Deputy President Term Number Deputy President Number Term Dates Notes Presidential Term Number President
Mirabelle Wang 1 1 28 February 2019 - 28 August 2019 First Deputy President. 1 Wyatt Seungri Baek
Vera Lily Sy 1 2 28 August 2019 - 28 February 2020 None. 2
Irene Kim 1 3 28 February 2020 - 20 May 2020 (abnormal) Abnormal Term, Honourably Discharged. 3
Chelsea Chen 1 4 21 May 2020 - 4 January 2021 (abnormal) Appointed because of Honourable Discharge of Irene Kim.
Wyatt Seungri Baek 1 5 5 January 2021 - 27 February 2021 (abnormal) None. Chelsea Chen
Shaun Murzello 1 6 28 February 2021 - 30 April 2021 Appointed because of the nonconnection of the Presidency during the first years of Gapla. Abnormal term, impeached. 5 Wyatt Seungri Baek
Chelsea Chen 2 4 1 May 2021 - 2 June 2021 Emergency appointed as a result of Shaun Murzello's impeachment.
Emma Bunnell 1 7 3 June 2021 - Present Emergency appointed as a result of Chelsea Chen's impeachment. Therefore, she was emergency appointed as a result of the impeachment of her predecessor, who was emergency appointed as a result of the impeachment of her predecessor.

Information about Deputy Presidents

  • A Deputy President's only jobs are to assist the president, provide them good information, and to vote.
  • A Deputy President's political party and the president's may differ.


First Election - 28th February 2019

Only one candidate, Wyatt Seungri Baek. He won. (There were only 10 citizens at that time.)

Second Election - 28th August 2019

  • Wyatt Seungri Baek, for New Gaplastovia
  • Vera Lily Sy, for Syopolis
  • George Shanghua Yang, representing Snake

Wyatt Seungri Baek becomes President, Vera Lily Sy becomes Deputy President. For a while, George Shanghua Yang was the Secretary, until Vera Lily Sy and Wyatt Seungri Baek nominated Emma Bunnell instead. After that, the president nominated Irene Kim.

Third Election - 28th February 2020

  • Wyatt Seungri Baek, representing New Gaplastovia
  • Aditya Karthik Meruga, representing Xadia
  • Emma Bunnell, representing Emeralkia

Wyatt Seungri Baek becomes President of Gapla, and Chelsea Chen becomes Deputy President. At first, Emma Bunnell was elected, who gave it to Irene Kim, who resigned it to Chelsea Chen.

Fourth Election - 28th August 2020


Wyatt Seungri Baek becomes President of Gapla, and Chelsea Chen becomes Deputy President. Eovnia Pual becomes Secretary of State, Irene Kim becomes Counciliar Assistant. Kevin Bouge becomes Chief Justice, with Emma Bunnell as his Minister of Foreign Affairs

Fifth Election - 28th February 2021

  • Wyatt Seungri Baek, for New Gaplastovia
  • Bright Li, for Folia Tail
  • Renaldo Chang, for Folia Tail
  • Chelsea Chen, for Elemental-Emeralkia
  • Emma Bunnell, for Elemental-Emeralkia

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot-rKpm581w for the official results.

Various classifications

The below sections show what scores Gapla recieved on several micronational classification indexes.

Dresner's System of Classification

  • Population: 5 points (51 or more)
  • Cultural developement: 5 points (A strong culture in exsistance)
  • Allies: 2 points (5 allies or less)
  • Spheres of influence: 3 points (Relatively well known and followed by many)
  • Budget: 4 points (Less than $200 spent yearly on the micronation in question)

Gapla adds up to 5 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 19 points, 19/5 = 3.8 score.

The description for this is:

A very average micronation, they exist en masse. No need to ignore them, but they probably aren't very special or interesting. Often it is hard to tell the difference between them, and if they stay at this level for a long time it is probably because of a lack of population, time, effort, and/or interest.

Modification for national equity

However, Gapla suspended all alliances due to the fact that it does not wish to create alliances between micronations, only serious countries, with few exceptions. Modifying this scale for national equity, Gapla would score:

  • Population: 5 points (51 or more)
  • Cultural developement: 5 points (A strong culture in exsistance)
  • Spheres of influence: 3 points (Relatively well known and followed by many)
  • Budget: 4 points (Less than $200 spent yearly on the micronation in question)

Gapla adds up to 5 + 5 + 3 + 4 in this new scale. This is a score of 17 points, 17/4 = 4.25.

This equates to:

One of the most significant micronations (eg. St. Charlie, The Soviet Republic of North America, etc). There was a lot of effort involved in getting the micronation to this level. Once here, it is quite difficult for the nation to fall back down unless it becomes inactive, like Scientopia.

Freayth's System of Classification

  • Politics: 2 points (Moderately active)
  • Developement: 3 points (Excellent emnities)
  • Budget: 2.5 points (In between two categories)
  • Cultural and nationalistic development: 3 points (Strong cultural practice)
  • Freedoms: 3 points (Absolute freedoms)
  • Influence within community: 2 points (Has a moderately agreeable influence)

Gapla adds up to 2 + 3 + 2.5 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 15.5, 15.5/3 = approximately 5.166.

This equates to:

An influential and advanced micronation.

Postal stamps

Current situation

Postage stamps are not used by the Federated States of Gapla due to the government's belief that they are pointless. The current statement from the government is that it can be replaced with postal hashes, or generated numbers from the Post Office's website, which are more efficient and less costly for the government.

Former designs of stamps

The Government of the Federated States of Gapla formerly issued postage stamps to send mail and packages inside Gapla and internationally. Here are the Gapla stamp designs. There are six stamps of varying values used in various occasions.

Designs of National Gapla Postal Stamps
Picture Denominations
  G$ 1, G$ 2, G$ 5, G$ 10, G$ 20, G$ 50

Former stamp uses

  • G$ 1 - Inside a State (approx. $0.05 USD)
  • G$ 2 - Inside a State Union (approx. $0.10 USD)
  • G$ 5 - Inside Gapla (approx. $0.25 USD)
  • G$ 10 - Inside a Micronational Union (approx. $0.50 USD)
    • Not actually used, symbolic
  • G$ 20 - International (approx. $1.00 USD)
    • Not actually used, symbolic
  • G$ 50 - Used for Special, International Deliveries (approx. $2.50 USD)
    • Not actually used, symbolic


Gapla's currency system is one of the most advanced in the entire micronational communtiy due to the fact that it is traded and exchanged for fiat, printed on special paper with security features, and actually used as a recognized medium of exchange for everything from national credits, bakery goods, toys, crafts, websites, and more. Formerly, Gapla also used the MUfP Micro and the League of Independent Nations Yron, but currently the Gapla Dollar is the only legal tender in the Federated States of Gapla.

There is a Bank of Gapla Discord bot that is used.

The website of GaplaBank, the issuer of the Gapla Dollar: http://bank.gaplagov.org

The bills and coins can be viewed at https://docs.google.com/document/d/14NEttgaGlOUeV7BisxLJlj9cijVoGqElgA77eoQTsR4/edit?usp=sharing.


Gapla Visa

History of the Gapla Visa
Dates Used Image of Example Visa
28 February 2019 - Current

Gapla Identification Card

History of the Gapla Identification Card
Dates Used Image of Example Identification Card
28 February 2019 - 14 December 2019 Note: From 28 February 2019 to 5 March 2019, the "State/Territory" Field was not present.
15 December 2019 - 17 May 2021
18 May 2021 - Current The ID card has been abolished.

Gapla passport

The Passport of the Federated States of Gapla is a travel document with a front cover, inside front cover, and back cover. The design is shown below. It is the current passport used for identification when a Gaplan citizen travels.


License plate of Gapla

History of the License Plate of Gapla
Image Dates Used
28 February 2019 - Present


The Gaplan military has active recruits, however, it is still largely ceremonial.

Below is an image of these military ranks.