Federalist Party (Ponderosa Hills)

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Canadian Isabelle and Shrek Super Party in the People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills
LeaderJayden Lycon
SloganG-DBB-AGGC-BBBAG makes All Star on Animal Crossing: New Horizons
AnthemAll Star played on bagpipes for the first and third verse, with Scotland the Brave being played on the second verse, with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme on the fourth verse, Maple Leaf Rag on the fifth verse and Feel Special on the last verse.
Founded18 April 2020
Membership  (2020)3
IdeologyBig tent
Scottish nationalism[a]
Political positionUnknown
International affiliationShrek Super Party
People's Supreme Assembly seats
1 / 15

The Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party is an active political party in Ponderosa Hills. It was formed on 18 April 2020 as the Canadian Isabelle Party, but was designated as the affilate party status for the Shrek Super Party on 24 April 2020, thus renaming the party to its current form.

Electoral Performance


Election year Seats % seats won +/- Government
Q1 2020[b] 1 6.67%
1 / 15


  1. Party stands neutral in Scottish indepedence
  2. All seats were appointed as it was the creation of the People's Supreme Assembly