Federal Weimar Intelligence Agency

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New German Intelligence Agency
Countrythumb.png Empire of new Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Intelligence Agency
TypeIntelligence service
RoleIntellectual and cyber security, also intelligence gathering
Part ofcommand structure put in place
ColorsBlack and white
EquipmentStander issue
Chief Intelligence OfficerKaiser Vladimir Baruh

This branch is the 4th(and probably last) Branch made to gather intelligence and establish diplomacy with other micronations. Formally the New German Intelligence Agency, it is now now as the trollwaffen, it has the same jobs however now acts as a sabotage unit to disrupt enemy positions, supply line, ect and troll people online.



There is no standard uniform but formal wear. Higher ranks wear suits or Heer dress uniforms. But when under cover they wear casual wear to blend in.


No weapons are usually used but in the closing stages of criminal cases, lower ranks will us pistols in the slim event in which the prosecuted is violent. In intelligence gathering missions operatives will have a discreet way of gathering information.