Federal Weimar Defense Agency

The New German defense agence if the lager agence running the New German military, New German police, and New German Health Agency. The chief of accounting rums military spending. All the agencies run independently but large(executive) orders are made by this agence, they also buy equipment for these agencies because it simplifies it for these branches.

New German Defenses Agence
shield of the agency
All defenses related maters overview
Formed13 January 2020
JurisdictionNew Germany's safety in all aspects
HeadquartersNew German Government Agencies
Bobbygrad, New Germany
MottoVerteididung des vaterlands(german: defense of the Fatherland)
Annual budget+ $20.00
All defenses related maters executives
  • Vladimir Baruh, chief of staff
  • John B., chief of accounting
Parent departmentNew German military