Federal States of Paragotnia

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Federal States of Paragotnia
Aintogarap fo Setats Laredef (Paragotnian)

Flag of Paragotnia.jpeg
Coat of Arms

All natural, with god.
Paragotnia, I love the.
North America
Capital cityWest Brynston- 1
Largest cityBrynston- 5
Official language(s)English, Paragotnian
Recognised languagesEnglish
Official religion(s)Christianity, Atheism
Short nameParagotnia
GovernmentFederal republic
- PresidentAustin Love
- Last election - May 15, 2019
EstablishedMay 10, 2019
Area claimed0.00171875 square miles
Population6 annual census
CurrencyParagotnian Rantar (PAR-૨)
Time zoneParagotnian Eastern Standard Time (PEST), Capital Standard Time (CAST)
National sportSoftball
National dishShrimp (Breaded, normal, scampi.)
National drinkNorda Juice
National animalCat

The Federal States of Paragotnia (FSP for short) is a self-declared sovereign state known to many as a micronation founded in mid-2019 by current President Austin Love. It is a presidential union with the President as head of state and head of government. It currently consists of three geographically continuous states: Housein, Hillred and Woodland, which are completely surrounded by the United States of America.


The nation was founded 10 May 2019 by the current president, Austin Love, after reading about Kevin Baugh and his nation, the Republic of Molossia, in the previous months. Molossia and Baugh served as the main inspiration for Austin Love, who decided to make the new nation a presidential republic. A few months later, on 7 July 2019, President Love decided to have his nation transition to a federal republic composed of three states.

Map of the Federal States of Paragotnia

He soon started to properly develop his nation and get it more involved in the wider micronational community.

Geography and climate

Paragotnia is composed of three states and one district; they are Housein, Hillred, and Woodland, and the Capital District. The state of Housein is a highly urbanised state (similar to the Capital District) with urban living conditions and its surface being largely covered in buildings. It also is home to the capital of Paragotnia, West Brynston (Formerly Roselake). On the other hand, Woodland and Hillred don't currently have any permanent residents. Woodland took its name from the woods covering its territory, while Hillred took its name from the hilly terrain of the state, and from the distinct reddish color of the soil located in Hillred.


Paragotnia currently has a relatively small military, with only one branch the Paragotnian Armed Forces. The military infrastructure of Paragotnia, however, is still under development, with the armed forces only having a land division, no naval and air forces are currently existing.

PAF ranks

The current PAF ranks are:

  • Cadet
  • Private
  • Private 1st Class
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant 1st Class
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • 1st General
  • 2nd General

Government and politics

The Federal States of Paragotnia's government is a union of 3 states. The administration of the nation isn't very large, with only 3 government members. The states of the nation are administrated by the Paragotnian government, not a governor. The government allows freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of association.


Tree Hole Monument- Incorporated: 6 October 2019- Tree Hole, Hillred

Foreign relations

Nations Paragotnia recognizes:

Nations Paragotnia has diplomatic ties with:


The first flag of the FSP

The first flag of Paragotnia was created on 8 May 2019, to be the national flag of the country. Time was short for the old design as only two days later, the new current design of the flag became effective. The new version is still the flag as of October 2019.

Flag Name Incorporated Population
100px Hillred 7 July 2019 0
100px Housien 7 July 2019 6
100px Woodland 7 July 2019 0

National holidays

Holiday Date Meaning
President Day February 9 Birthday of the current president
Parting Day May 10 A day to celebrate the foundation of the FSP
USA Day July 4 A day to celebrate the relationship with the USA
National DeBoit Day July 22 A day to just have some fun
Time of Snow October 20 A day that marks the time snow should start