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Fascist Sakuranomiya

Sakuranomiya was a micronation located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is known for declaring war on "every single micronation" in the world. The nation's regime was also considered controversial because of their fascist and ultra-nationalist ideology.

Fascist Nationalist Sakuranomiya
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"Sakuranomiyans Never Die"
Capital cityPejaten
Largest cityPejaten
Official language(s)English, Indonesian
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentTotalitarian fascist dictatorship
- PresidentBapasakura
Established12 June 2018 (pre-occupation) June 25 2018 (post occupation)
Time zoneUTC+7
National animalEagle


Sakuranomiya started out as New Louisiana, but then transitioned into the Earldom of Sakuranomiya. Sakuranomiya would face a civil war between nationalists and Earldom loyalists which led to the Three Days War in which Sakuranomiya was defeated.

In mid-June 2018, Sakuranomiya returned to activity and tried to take over all micronations and ‘aminos’ since more people started supporting the ‘anti-Sakuranomiyan’ campaign. Sakuranomiya gets support from Libernia, Lawdom of Pejaten, and other micronations/

On August 2018, Alex Ito surrendered. but then returned as south pejaten and attacks new vientiane and andersonia was claimed by south pejaten (sakuranomiya). and then transitioned into sakuranomiya. restarting the Sakuranomiyan Conflict.