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|religions          = Millitant Protestantism
|religions          = Millitant Protestantism
|demonym            = Dradelian <br> West Dradelian
|demonym            = Dradelian <br> West Dradelian
|government        = [[w:Fascism|Fascist]] [[w:Totalitarian|totalitarian]] State
|government        = [[w:Fascism|Fascist]] [[w:Totalitarian|Totalitarian]] State
|head of state      = Poglavnik
|head of state      = Poglavnik
|head of government = Prime Minister
|head of government = Prime Minister

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Fascist Republic of Dradelia
West Dradelia.png

Dradelian March to freedom
Capital cityRuse
Largest cityRuse
Official language(s)Dradelian West Dradelian English Dutch
Official religion(s)Millitant Protestantism
West Dradelian
GovernmentFascist Totalitarian State
- PoglavnikDavey Visser
- Prime MinisterYuri Mulder
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established18 January 2013
CurrencyDradelian Rutu

West Dradelia, officially the Fascist Republic of Dradelia (Dradelian:Peguno faŝistu mäjte Drädelya) is a state located on the Island of Great Britain,Its Bordering East Dradelia



West Dradelia is a Fascist State with one political party. The Dradelian Ustase based on the ideas of the Croatian Ustase the Dradelian Ustase is the rulling Party leaded by Poglavnik Davey Visser


The Dradelian Liberation Army is the defence force of West Dradelia and is an branch within the West Dradelian Military. The most active branch in the Dradelian Military is the Dradelia Ustase Militra , which was founded by Davey Visser. It serves as both a Police Force and Defence Force, West Dradelia saw military action in the Ajastat Insurgency of early 2014, the Ajastat Insurgency was a small skirmish with the Socialist Government