Fascist Republic of Cubodia

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Fascist Republic of Cubodia
Cubodian flag.png
Cubodian emblem.png
Coat of Arms

One People, one Reich, one Leader
Cubodia(orthographic projection).png
Cubodia claims in green
Capital cityCottage Town
Largest cityCottage Town
Official language(s)English
Short nameCubodia
GovernmentFascist single-party state
Established27 March 2013
CurrencyCubodian Lira
Time zoneGMT (UTC0)

Fascist Republic of Cubodia, formally known as Cubodia, is a micronation. It is governed as a Fascist single-party state. is a puppet state of Germland, once led by Edward Gutentag but later on in time he gave power to John Simon in 2013.


In early 2013, Cubodia's worst neighbor, Cuvana, Became Cubodia's most hated enemies. The Cubodian government wanted to control Cuvana. But the government of Cuvana denied to give Cuvana to Cubodia. Once again, Cubodia was indeed devastated and wanting to fight back against Cuvana, and so they did and on the 21 February, the Neighbor War was begun. The Cubodian forces began to raid in to Cheshire county, and started terrorizing and attacking Cuvanan regions and on the 23 February, The Revolutionary Armed forces of Cuvana raided Cubodia and marched to Cottage town (Cubodia's capital) to warn the Cubodian government that Cuvana will wipe out all Cubodian regions if Cubodia carries on threatening Cuvana, John Simon (Cubodian Führer), signed a peace treaty with Luke Fawcett (Cuvanan President), as promise not to threat Cuvana again.


Cottageshire County is the leading county of Cubodia. Cottage Town, the national capital, is located there. Klantshire County is covered by grass and soil.