Farrar Republic

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The Farrar Republic
NEW Farrar Republic flag.svgSnnPidxoRXbUvV3XKlsw.jpg

Strength through unity and democracy
The Force of Destiny
Capital cityFarrar City
Largest cityFarrar City
Established7th December 2016
CurrencyPound Sterling (£),Farrar Republican Credit(FC) and MicroCoin (MEG).
Time zoneGMT+0
National animalWolf

The Farrar Republic was a micronation in the UK, active in the Micronations.wiki community. It declared independence in December 2016, as a result of the European Union referendum in the UK. It did consist of a sole piece of land in the UK and a large part of Antartica.


The Farrar Republic was created on the 7th December 2016 due to the impending departure of the UK from the European Union. On the 12th of December 2016, the Republic applied to join the European Micronations Union, adopting many of its common laws. On the 10th of December, it became a member of the Union Against Micronational War.The Farrar Republic founded and annexed the Territory of Saint Roger, an autonomous territory. The Farrar Republic launched a new flag on the 5th January.It has formed the EuroSerbian Union, a project to improve its diplomatic relations with Serbian micronations.On the 10th January 2017, the micronation developed the game battle force.The Farrar Republic formed the Intermicronational, an online newspaper.On Monday 23 January,it was announced that Farrar City has been twinned with Peacetown, the Capital of Duaktoserija.In historic Senate session,the petition for same-sex marriage was passed on the 24th January 2017.On a historic decision it was announced that the Farrar Republic would have a referendum on whether to merge with the Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija.The citizens voted unanimously to merge with Duaktoserija.

Antartica claim

The Farrar Republic Claims a large part of East Antartica.

Farrar Republic Antartica.png


  • Billbrough-Miles Micronational Ranking System-Level 4.
  • Dan's System of Classification-5th World.

Goverment and Politics

The Farrar Republic has two parties - the Democratic Peoples' Representative Party (DPRP) and the Farrar Republic National Party. The DPRP are currently in government after winning the inaugural general election. The Prime Minister was Edwin Farrar. Government positions were unpaid.The government regularly spoke on skype each week.To view, laws passed view the discussion page! The goverment has legalized Same-Sex Marriage,which caused much controversy and this resulted in the micronations first ever court case.This resulted in 2 citizens being fined 1000 FC.

The voting age in the Farrar Republic was 16.

Foreign Relations

The first micronation to extend formal recognition to The Farrar Republic was the Principality of the Danube. The Republic has applied for membership of the Grand Unified Micronational and was accepted as a GUM observer.It was the founder of the proposed Union of Micronations.On the 24th January the capital city,Farrar City was twinned with Peacetown,the capital of the Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija.

Law and Order

Law enforcement in the Farrar Republic is the responsibility of the Farrar Republican Police. The Farrar Republic utilises a civil law legal system. There are three courts: the Town Court, the High Court, and the Supreme Court. Courts do not sit often - none have been summoned under the current system. Sentencing is the responsibility of the Prime Minister. There has been no recorded crime since the establishment of the Republic.

Civil disputes are resolved informally by the Prime Minister. Capital punishment is banned in the state. Tobacco and certain drugs are forbidden inside the national territory; drug possession is a criminal offence, with a potential fine of 500FC(£435).


The Farrar Republic has no military, but is planning the establishment of one in April 2017. The Airsoft AKA-47 has been proposed as a weapon.

Ranks will include

  • Chief of Operations
  • Officer
  • Colonel of Weapons
  • Commander of Propaganda
  • Warrant Officer
  • Flight Captain
  • Pilot Officer
  • Priest
  • Crusher
  • Defender


Inside the Farrar Republic, the national sport is association football (soccer). Rugby league is also popular. The Farrar Republic currently does not have a national football team. There is no national championship at present. The Micronational Rugby League Board was founded by the Farrar Republic.


There are currently no state education in the Farrar Republic. Students have to go abroad to study. However, in 2018 the Farrar Republic plans to launch an online education campus.


Farrar rep credit.jpg

The Farrar Republic is developing an agricultural economy. The National Bank has applied to join the MEG and it was accepted. On the 11th January 2017, the Farrar Republican Credit was launched (FC). The MicroCoin (MEG) is also used.The national bank is NedBank after the Bank of the Farrar Republic was bought by Nedland.



The Farrar Republic has a total population of 21, with all being territorial citizens. Applications are taken here.


English is the official language of the Farrar Republic, though Dutch and Chinese are also spoken.


The Farrar Republic is secular, although some citizens are religiously affiliated.


Music is a popular activity in the Farrar Republic, with all citizens playing at least one musical instrument (the current Prime Minister plays three). Many citizens have expressed a liking for brass bands.


Date CE) Name in English Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrates the beginning of the 13 month year. Traditions include counting down to midnight on New Year's Eve and a gamerthon.
March 13 Birthday Carnival Celebration of the birth of Edwin Farrar.
September 26 International Language Day Celebrates the diversity of foreign languages.
September 27-October 1(October 1–5) Oktoberfest Celebrates the alcoholic beverage beer.
December 7 Independence Day Celebrates the birth of the Farrar Republic.


Media sources from the UK are imported to the Farrar Republic, although it did have a national newspaper calledThe Republic. The government makes use of the online services YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. Some media sites have been taken down over security fears, although a new website has recently been launched.The Farrar Republic is the founder of the online newspaper,'The Intermicronational'.

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