Fans of The Conway Way

The Fans of The Conway Way, or more simply know as just Conway Way, is the name of a micronational private invitation only groupchat/members club on Discord created by Aidan McGrath, President of Paloma (owner), alongside Archie Birch, Cameron Koehler, Logan Medlin and Jack Morris.

Fans of The Conway Way
Fans of Conway Way Logo.png
Formation9-10 April 2021
TypePrivate groupchat/members club
  • Global
Official language
Aidan McGrath, President of Paloma
Key people
Aidan McGrath
Cameron Koehler
Carson Snyder
Leon Montan
Andrew Creed

Currently the club sits at 6 members.



The Fans of The Conway Way was originally an idea brought up between Moderator Aidan McGrath, Moderator Archie Birch and user Logan Medlin, while talking in the ybm-4 voice channel on Microwiki@Discord between the 8th and 9th of April 2021 about the topic of micronational clubs. Later on, Technical-adminstrator Cameron Koehler and user Jack Morris were added into the discussion in a Discord groupchat. Afterwards, it was officially agreed by the five members of the groupchat to turn it into a private social club named "Fans of Conway Way", named for the Conway village trustee campaign in Midlothian, Illinois, on the 10th of April 2021 at around 9:33 pm est.

The Conway Way Discord logo

YandereDev rant

On the 30th of June 2021 at around 7:59 pm EST, YandereDev (who was invited earlier to Conway as a joke) posted a rant about how YouTube portrays him as a villain. It is believed that YandereDev possibly copied and pasted this rant rather then type on in Conway.

Rule book

The Fans of The Conway Way Rules and Guildlines book was written on the 11th of April 2021. In the rules in explicitly states that the club is not a democracy and lists a few rules for members, most notably no.5, which encourages users to remain netural on the topics of others opinions and controversial micronational topics.[1]


Member Role Joined Notes
  Aidan McGrath President of Paloma, Microwiki@Discord Moderator, Microwiki Patroller and owner of the group 10 April 2021 Co-founder
  Cameron Koehler Monarch of Ikonia and Ex Microwiki Technical Administrator 10 April 2021 Co-founder
  Tomáš Falešník Former President of the Gymnasium State, Microwiki@Discord Moderator and Microwiki Patroller 11 April 2021 First non founding member
  Leon Montan President of Ponderosa Hills 11 April 2021 Member
  Carson Snyder King of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon 2 May 2021 Member
  Andrew Creed Former Prince of Sabovia, 2nd Governor of Corinium Terentium, Microwiki@Discord Head Administrator and Microwiki Technical Administrator 9 May 2021 Member

Former Members

Member Role Joined Removed Notes
  Jack Morris Monarch of Kapreburg 10 April 2021 13 April 2021 Co-founder
  Logan Medlin President of North Dirigo 10 April 2021 9 May 2021 Co-founder
  Archie Birch Ĉefministro of The Damariscotta 10 April 2021 27 June 2021 Co-founder

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