Falian Fascist Party

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Falian Fascist Party
Fälischen Faschistischen Partei
ChairmanJohn Gustin
Founded4 June 2011
Membership (2011)2
National syndicalism
Political positionThird Position
Election symbol
FFP flag.png


The Falian Fascist Party (German: Fälischen Faschistischen Partei) or FFP, is a political party in Falia. The FFP was created 4 June 2011 when members of the Falian Provisional Government began to create political parties in order to show their stances on Falia's creation. Led and founded by John Gustin, it is a smaller faction within the Provisional Parliament. The party is currently pushing for a Fascist government in Falia, based off of the former Spanish State.



There ideology is based off of Francoist Spain and Spanish fascists before the creation of the Spanish State.