Falcarian Navy

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Falcarian Navy
Dolfinüm EnFalcaræ
Naval Ensign
Active 2016 - Present
Country The Kingdom of Falcar
Allegiance The Monarch
Type Navy
Size 2 Non-Commissioned Vessels

1 Decommissioned Vessel

Part of Falcarian Defence Force
Headquarters Svoboda
Motto Quid est illa in auqua
(What lies in the water)
Colors Dark Blue, Teal, White
Anniversaries 12 March
Funding 1/20th annual GDP
Commander-in-Chief Todd Leon (as Monarch of Falcar)
Defpence-General Todd Leon (as Temporary Prime-Minister)
Commander of the Falcarian Fleet (Position Vacant)
Falcarian Naval Ensign Falcarianjack.jpg
Falcarian Peacetime Naval Jack Falcarflagsmall.png
Falcarian Wartime Naval Jack Falcarcombat.jpg
Aircraft flown
Reconnaissance DJI Phantom 3

The Falcarian Navy is the naval branch of the Falcarian Defence Force. It is the official successor of the Turtonian Navy and is based out of the Port of Svoboda. Originally intended soley for ceremonial purposes; The Falcarian Navy has since obtained seaworthy vessels and have become an active component in other peacetime tasks such as carriers for the Royal Falcarian Postal Service. The Falcarian navy does not have jurisdiction surrounding the rottnest, as the Defence Force of Rottnest is constitutionally the Royal Australian Navy.