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File:Leon Montan.jpeg
Original photograph of Leon Montan which became a meme

The Face of Leon Montan, also known as Leon's Face or Leon Face is a meme in the MicroWiki community and emote on MicroWiki@Discord. The Leon Face meme started around 18 August 2019, when Leon Montan started editing a portrait photograph of himself in various locations and buildings, such as North Korea and in front of a Pro-Irish Republican Army graffiti. The Leon Face meme is also known for the image of just his face, with the rest of his body edited out; and also used as an emote on multiple discord servers.

The Leon Face meme starting becoming more widely known in the community over a period of a few months, and more memes with the Leon Face started being created, such as only his face being edited on the faces of various historical figures and famous people.



#BringBackLeonFaceEmoji and #BringBackLeonFace, or #Bringbackleonface are hashtags used to campaign for the emote to be added back to MicroWiki@Discord.

The face has been added as an emoji on MicroWiki@Discord multiple times, with Cameron Koehler deleting it every time. On 5 December, the emoji was added for less then an hour when Cameron threatened to delete it, and did so. Cameron received heavy criticism from multiple users for this, with another discord administrator Aaron Green also complaining to Cameron.

On 7 December, the emoji was added back for good.



Leon Montan's face photoshopped from a character in the movie Cats

"Leoncat" or "Leon cat" is a derivative of the Leon's face meme, and involves spamming an image of the face poorly edited onto a pink cat from the movie Cats. Leoncat was created by Jayden Lycon after members from MicroWiki@Discord were discussing both Leon and cats at the same time.

Leon Face lore

File:Leon Face lore.jpg
An example of a Leon face lore meme, referencing the Siege of Sarajevo.

Leon Face lore is a derivative of the meme, which involves making Impact font memes closely resembling "Doge lore memes," but with Leon instead of Doge.

Leon holding a Dora the Explorer plush

Examples of meme usage

On 9 November 2019, a discord server called #BringBackLeonFaceEmoji was created [1], a server dedicated to campaigning for the Leon Face to be added to MicroWiki@Discord.

On 23 November, Jayden Lycon, the President of Aenderia, traveled to Ellesmere station, a station of the Toronto subway, and taped a picture of the face to an exterior wall of the station.[2]

On 2 December, Zarel Smith, the Prince of New Eiffel, drew a pencil-sketch portrait of the Leon Face meme with his face left blank with the text "Where Is My Face?" written in red, protesting for the Leon Face emoji to be added back to MicroWiki@Discord.

On 5 December, Emperor Logan I of Aenopia taped a picture of Leon's face on his school; however, it was taken down 5 minutes later by one of his schoolmates who proceeded to put it in his mouth before binning it. On the same day, Cole B. of Wegmat posted a meme of Cameron I of Ikonia as Thanos, who quoted the line from the Avengers movie Endgame "I am Inevitable" with Aaron Green as Iron Man saying "I am also an admin", which is now in the MicroWiki@Discord Hall of Fame.

On 30 January 2020, Cole B. hung a picture of a top-text, bottom-text meme with Leon's Face with the text "[top] Nice Cock [bottom] Bro" in a public toilet at his school. The event was widely talked about at his school, but Cole ended up getting a detention from the school principal.


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