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|'''Appointed by'''
|'''Appointed by'''
|[[Commission of the Royal Throne]]
|[[Conclave of the Tower City State]]
|align="center" colspan="2"|<hr />
|align="center" colspan="2"|<hr />

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Tcsflag1state.png Fabrizio I Tcsflag1state.png
1st State Captain of the Tower City State
Coat of Arms of the Tower City State

Incoronation 20 September 2016

Term length Life

Appointed by Conclave of the Tower City State

Predecessor Title created
Successor -

Fabrizio I is the co-head of State of the Tower City State, together with Enikő I.
The Sovereign has the executive, legislative and judicial powers, that, in his name, are transferred to and exercised by other officers.
Justice is administered, in his name, by the judiciary system, with judges that he establishes. The executive power is delegated by the State Captain to the Governorship of the Tower City State, while the Yellow Commission of the Tower City State exercises the legislative power in behalf of the State Captain.
His full titles are: Captain of State of the Tower City State and leader of the Nationalist Party of the Tower City State.

Royal styles

Reference style: His Royal Highness the State Captain (EN) | Sua Altezza Reale il Capitano di Stato (IT)
Spoken style: State Captain (EN) | Capitano di Stato (IT)
Alternative spoken style: My leader (EN) | Mio leader (IT)