Førvanian Military

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The Førvanian Military is the chief form of Defence in the country of Førvania. It has never been involved in formal combat, in fact, none of the soldiers have actually seen combat, with the only military person to be involved is Emperor Nicholai I.


  • Cadet (CD)
  • Lieutenant (LT)
  • Captain (CA)
  • Major (MJ)
  • Major Captain (MJCA)
  • Colonel (CO)
  • Colonel Captain (COCA)
  • Major Colonel Captain (MJCOCA)
  • Brigadier (BG)
  • Brigadier Captain (BGCA)
  • Brigadier Colonel Captain (BGCOCA)
  • Major Brigadier Colonel Captain (MJBGCOCA)
  • General (GN)
  • General Captain (GNCA)
  • General Colonel Captain (GNCOCA)
  • General Brigadier Colonel Captain (GNBGCOCA)
  • Major General Brigadier Colonel Captain (MJGNBGCOCA)
  • The Boss (BOSS)


  • MJCA HA Emperor Nicholai I (de facto)[1]
  • CA Prince Harrison
  • LT Prince Max
  • LT Brendan
  1. Technically, the Emperor is not a member of the military, but he has been drawn into combat twice.