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{{Template:Infobox Party
{{Template:Infobox Party
|name_english = Everyone's Party
|name = Everyone's Party
|logo = [[File:Universa_Everyone's_Party_voting_symbol.png|230px]]
|logo = Universa_Everyone's_Party_voting_symbol.png
|colorcode = #880000 (RGB 136, 0, 0)
|logo_size = 230px
|colorcode = #880000
|leader = [[Jozef Varga]]
|leader = [[Jozef Varga]]
|leader1_title = Deputy
|leader1_title = Deputy
|leader1_name = [[Ján Kováč]]
|leader1_name = [[Ján Kováč]]
|foundation = January 17 2021
|foundation = January 17 2021
|ideology = [[w:Marxism-Leninism|Marxism-Leninism]]<br />[[w:Anti-fascism|Anti-fascism]]<br />[[w:Authoritarianism]]<br />[[w:Collectivism|Collectivism]]<br/>[[w:State atheism]]<br/>[[w:Hoxhaism]]
|ideology = [[w:Marxism-Leninism|Marxism-Leninism]]<br />[[w:Anti-fascism|Anti-fascism]]<br />[[w:Authoritarianism|Authoritarianism]]<br />[[w:Collectivism|Collectivism]]<br/>[[w:State atheism|State atheism]]<br/>[[w:Hoxhaism|Hoxhaism]]
|position = [[w:Far-left politics|Far-left]]
|position = [[w:Far-left politics|Far-left]]
|colors = {{colorbox|#880000}} [[w:Blood red|Blood red]]
|colors = {{colorbox|#880000}} [[w:Blood red|Blood red]]

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Everyone's Party
LeaderJozef Varga
DeputyJán Kováč
FoundedJanuary 17 2021
State atheism
Political positionFar-left
Colors  Blood red

Everyone's Party (Universan: qiski parse) is a Universan political party with a Marxist-Leninist ideology. It was founded in 2021 as one of the original 9 political parties.


During the foundation of Universa, 9 political parties were established, one for each political position on the spectrum, one big-tent political party, one syncretic political party, and one single-issue. Everyone's Party was the party on the far-left. However, soon, frontleaders Jozef Varga and Ján Kováč were arrested and charged with attempting to breach the constitution, which led to civil unrest in Universa.


Everyone's Party is a strictly Marxist-Leninist party in economic policies, but has some social conservative elements. It is pro-parliamentary and isolationist, both of which are big issues for political parties on Universa.
Universa Everyone's Party Political Compass.png