Eugene Smagin

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Eugene Smagin
Acting President of Freblick
Assumed office
August 15, 2013 — June 24, 2014
Predecessor Office established
Successor Eugene Smagin as president
1st President of Freblick
Assumed office
June 24, 2014 — September 1, 2016
Predecessor Eugene Smagin (as Acting president)
Successor Position abolished
Leader of Subortus Party
Assumed office
October 10, 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent

President and founder of Freblick Eugene Smagin is a representative of Freblick on intermicronational level. He was active on a russian mictionational scene, becoming an important figure in the organzation ONG. He took part in Ryabosnian-Smagfordian War of 2016-2017 and also have been a mayor of city Wilna — capital of Wilnaland. He also led trmporary governments in Chocoland (2012) and Revolutionary Repol (2014).

Politician career

Eugene has ideas about own micronation since his childhood. In 2012 he found information about Principality of Sealand, Molossia , DES Senya and project of Danny Wallace about his own country Kingdom of Lovely . He decided to develop his country using sports and international cooperation. He started to present Freblick in international sport competitions and announced a set of residents in 2013.

2013 developing

Jenya started to work very rapidly. First elections were failed because of low appearance, so Smagin led temporary government. he set up many project, as famous vegetables farm or Internet-cafe for virtual sports. He also advertised his micronation, published own news, podcasts and introducing videos. In September he became a commander of First Freblick Internet Army, won battle near Repol capital and got his first award as micronational leader.

2014 developing

After almost year of silence Eugene continued his work- he became an author of national anthem of Freblick, founded special city, called Branches and attracted new people to Freblick. Also, he became first Freblick, who had conversation with world-famous micronations- sending applications to MFA and GUM and having unofficial talks with representatives of Free State of Renasia.

Elections 2014

Eugene performed on elections from SunRegion. He got 70% votes and bypassed his main rival on 5 votes. Interesting, that citizens of Branches and FreblickCity voted only for him. (5/5)

Relationship with Georgian Region of Branches

After inauguration Smagin started official conversation with Mayors of Towns. On this conversation he argued with Temur Bryant from Branches and deprived of his place in 3rd level of government. However, next day Temur was returned to government as vice-mayor of Branches. Nowadays, relations between them are calm.


Preceded by: President of Freblick Succeded by: Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg
Eugene Smagin (acting president) (2013-2014) 24 June 2014 — 1 Semptember 2016 Position abolished

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