Estonian Socialist Republic

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Estonian Socialist Republic, or ESR is a self-declared enclaved independent state with little or no international recognition, and is commonly referred to as micronation by external observers. ESR is located in Northern Europe, in Puurmani, and is surrounded by Estonia from all sides. The capital is Travaktonia. It is near its collapse due citizens migrating, that means if we do not get support from other fellow socialists, we will collapse and be forgetten. We hope you understand. If you want more info, Dm me in discord: hele sinine suitsupakk#6287

Estonian Socialist Republic
Eesti Sotialistik Vabariik
Estonian SSR flag.png
Motto: Workers of the world, Unite!
StatusSemi active
and largest city
Official languages
Organizational structureCommunism
• First Secretary
Jaanus Noormägi
Independence from Estonia
• Declared
12 August 2020
• Estimate
21 citizens (2021)
Purported currencyEstonian SR Rubles
Time zoneEET

They dont like to be made fun of, even if its a joke. They can get angry at you and beat you up, depends on their mood. Alot of joking can lead to arrest. That also means cutting potatos, making food for troops. Passports are given when we trust you enough to give you citizenship and a house.


Estonian SR started as a joke, but then it grew its military and become more serious. Due our past, we have fought the facists near us who wanted to coup. We almost lost the fight, but survived afterall. The economy went crazy after that, but recovered in 2 months.

Politics and government

Jaanus Noormägi Is the first secretary of the party.


Do be made


Theres districts in ESR. Theres only 2.

Travaktonia disctrict

Puurmani District

Political parties

Political parties in the Estonian SR
Party Party Flag Party Leader Ideology(s) Classification Parliament
Estonian Communist Party
Jaanus Noormägi
First Secretary
3 / 3


ESR says it has 4 soldiers. However their weapons are BB rifles. This makes such an army not a problem for potential enemy. Also, They have little military bases, and bunkers and trenches can be dug with 20 minutes! Incredible work for soldiers. Marshal for right now is Jaanus himself. 3 signed offical troops, No officers or NCOS at current moment. They use soviet uniforms but they might change to east german, who knows! They have ak 74m type Airsoft guns, 500 bullets inside, 100 per minute shots can be fired if you do it all in 1 use. Dont mess with them, else they will beat you up and you have to come to our hospital, military one. They will soon have more organized troops, more recruiting and so on!

Cities / villages

Puurmani- Town

Travaktonia- City/Capital

Foreign relations

Has signed a treaty with Hasanistan, Some negotions with Revalian kingdom and thats it.

Administrative division

To be made


National holidays

Date Name of the event Description
1 May Workers day Workers day on the modern Gregorian calendar.
9 may Victory day Is celebrated for the facist surrendering when soviets reached Berlin. We have little parade for that and some guards guarding a monument which might be made soon.
7-10 November October Revolution Is celebrated for the revolution aganist the tsar kingdom. Soviets or bolsheviks made it sucsessfuly in 1917 and won aganist tsar.
25-31 Year end Celebrating the old year and new year