Essian premieral election, 2015

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Essian premieral election, 2015
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← None 5 June 2015 2016 →
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Candidate Edwyn Weishaupt None
Party TRP Independent
Home state Kastell None
Running mate Allan Wallace None
States carried 3 0
Popular vote 6 0
Percentage 100% 0%

Flag of Esse.png
Essian flag

Lord Protector before election


Elected Lord Protector

Edwyn Weishaupt

An election to determine the inaugural Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of Esse was called upon the nationwide Instrument of Government on 1 June 2015. Entitled the first premieral election, founder and national pioneer Edwyn Weishaupt was the one and only candidate and was elected unanimously on 5 June 2015. The election was unique in being the first election ever held in the Clementine sector, and marked the beginning of elections in the region.

Weishaupt was elected unanimously, marking the beginning of the first five-year term of a Lord Protector. The 2020 elections were scheduled to take place on 24 June 2020, a law that was renewed by royal decree as legislative and Heaministeral elections in June 2017.