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| [[Alexander Gibbs|Henrí I]]
| [[Alexander Gibbs|Henrí I]]
| 25 November 2017
| 25 November 2017

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Essian Church
Tempess a la Essias

Founder Alexander I, HIllM Lord Henry
Founded April 2017
Leader Richard I
Headquarters Réma
Territory Esse
 • Stravinia
Language English, Essian
Members 2
Website micronations.ml

The Essian Church (Essian: Tempess a la Essias) is the officially-established nondenominational church in the Essian Commonwealth. The church is led by the "Resminister" who is appointed by the Essian Monarchy. The Essian Church uses religious practices and symbolism from the Christian faith, however has in the past used eastern traditions and practices in its teachings.


Relations with the State


Leaders of the Church

Richard I

since 29 December 2017
AppointerThe Essian Monarchy

Former leaders

Portrait Name Took office Left office Notes
1 Eastchurch.png Alexander I 20 April 2017 25 November 2017 The first Resmiminster.
Ezra1.jpg Henrí I 25 November 2017 29 December 2017 Appointed himself in the interim.
2 Eastchurch.png Richard I 29 December 2017 present

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