Essian Chief Attorney

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Chief Attorney
Essian Commonwealth
Esse seal.png
Minister overview
Formed20 March 2017
Jurisdiction Esse
Minister responsible

The Chief Attorney of the Essian Commonwealth, formerly known as the Attorney General, was the chief law enforcement officer and chief lawyer of the Essian Commonwealth, its government, and the Essian Monarchy.

Chief Attorneys

Name Image Term of office Political party Heaminister
Horatio Eden Hariustbh.png 20 March 2017 20 June 2017 Federalist Bercow.JPG
James Reginald
Brandon Wu Brandon W bubble.png 25 June 2017 2 November 2017 Green
Patrick Renwick Photo of Patrick 1.jpg 2 November 2017 4 January 2018 Green 60px
Lord Henry
Brandon Wu Brandon W bubble.png 4 January 2018 16 March 2018 Democrat 15 tk.jpg
Tarik Kârjasary