Essexian Legislative Review

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The Essexian Legislative Review was a series of cabinet meetings held by Justice Minister Jacob and Junior Minister (MoJ) Harley. It will consist of a review of amendments and alterations to the current Essexian legislation following a complete review of legislation currently underway by the aforementioned individuals.

One of the goals of this review was to complete the Legal Essexian Database, which it had done so after the second meeting on the 17th May 2020. Jacob and Harley were able to review each individual bill included in the Database, before the present cabinet ministers were able to discuss and decide the fate of each bill. Many were subsequently recognised as needing rewriting, amendments or repealing.


The first review meeting was held on the 10th May 2020, between roughly 15:00 and 17:15 BST. Crown Minister Jacob, Junior Minister Harley, Lord Jack, Emperor Terry, Earl Finn, Crown Minister Nicolás Millán, Crown Minister Gilbert and Lord Jamie were all present for the duration of this meeting. The present members were able to review all six Imperial Decrees, as well as twenty-four (Out of over fifty) Acts of Parliament, and identified the areas of the legislation that required repealing, rewriting and ignoring. Although this first session was successful, Jacob noted that it would indeed take multiple sessions to achieve his goal of a complete legislative review, as he had first assumed. Both Jack and Harley recorded the findings of the cabinet, whilst Jack, Finn, Jamie and Terry provided historical context for multiple pieces of legislation.

The second meeting took place between 15:00 and 18:00 BST on the 17th May 2020, where the last chunk of 2019 legislation, and all of the 2020 legislation, were reviewed. The responsibilities of different ministers regarding the alterations of Bills was discussed, and Harley organised the notes from the two meetings into a spreadsheet. Present were Crown Minister Jacob, Junior Minister Harley, Lord Jack, Emperor Terry, Earl Finn, Lord Matthew, Earl Jamie, Crown Minister Gilbert and Princess Becky.

After the second meeting Crown Minister Jacob and Junior Minister Harley assembled the Legal Essexian Database (the official one) whilst Earl Jamie assembled the MicroWiki version of the Legal Essexian Database available for public viewing.