Esperantist Republic of Alanland

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Flag of Esperanto.png
Coat of Arms

"The Esperanto State"
Eureka, California
Capital cityAlantown
Official language(s)Esperanto
Official religion(s)Catholicism
Short nameAlanland
GovernmentUnitary democratic republic
- PresidentAlan J. Villarruel
- Prime MinisterChase Pierson
LegislatureCongress of Alanland
- Number of seats - 7
Established28, August, 2014
Area claimedN/A
CurrencyAlanlandic Dollar

Official Website

Alanland, formally the Esperantist Republic of Alanland, is a micronation claiming a bedroom as its territory, which is located in Eureka, California.


Early History

Alanland dates back to 2011 when Alan J. Villarruel was watching a Family Guy Episode where Peter Griffin started his country in his house, so Villarruel did some research after watching the episode, and found out about Micronationalism, and was researching on Molossia which is located near Reno, Nevada, so he started his first country named Verde, however it failed to be a nation, later he created many more micronations, and they all failed to survive as nations.


Alanland was established on August 28, 2014, Villarruel was the only citizen of the country, however the next day, 4 people from Spain decided to join Alanland as citizens, Villarruel approved to give them citizenship, Villarruel declared himself President, Esperanto the official language, and Catholicism the official religion.

Contemporary era

On September 6, 2014, Alanland had some changes, added a Computer Lab, Printing Center, and a Presidental House, the additions were approved by the President, and had a Grand Opening Ceremony in September 12, 2014.

On September 15, 2014, 2 Spanish citizens decided to join Alanland, the President decided to give them citizenship, since they spoke Esperanto, they were welcomed to Alanland with kindness and peace.

On September 21, 2014, Alan J. Villarruel started an online campaign to promote cyber-citizenship, the campaign received 109 applicants, and they all became citizens of Alanland, which resulted in the population growing to 117.

Government and Economy

Alanland is a Unitary Democratic Republic ruled by a President. It's power structure is a mix between a unitary state and a federation. The current President is Alan J. Villarruel. Alanland's legislature is done by the Congress of Alanland.



There are currently 117 citizens in Alanland, as of September 2014. Alanland had began with only 1 citizen. On August 2014 it had 5 citizens, and by September 2014 it had 117 citiens.


The official language is Esperanto, but English and Spanish are very common languages, there are 172 Esperanto-speakers, and 1 English-speaker.


Alanlandic culture is a very rare bizzare culture, much of the culture is about being obessed with something, and being addicted to something.


The official religion is Catholicism, But other religions are accepted and respected.


Alanlandic Television Company (ATC) is the only television network in Alanland, Alanlandics have access to most cable channels from the United States.

The Alanlander is the only newspaper in Alanland, and it is an online newspaper.

Foreign relations

Alanland is a very young nation, so it hasn't developed a lot relations with other micronations, but it has developed with some such as Molossia, Principality of Guerreria, and IKGY Union.