Eric Smith

Eric Šmidor (or Eric Smith in English, born Erik Šmíd) is the founder and ex-Qimel of FQRM. He also founded Mendersia in November 2019 and was two times its President, but was deposed in a coup d'état on 4 June 2020.

Eric Smith

Eric Šmidor

Erik Hab-den

1st President of Mendersia
In office
24th September 2019 – 4 June 2020
Premier Peter Jirka de Odenthalos

Nicholas I.

Predecessor Office established
Successor Jan Mírný
2nd Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mendersia
In office
18 January 2020 – 30 April 2020
President Himself
Predecessor Jacob Trejbal
Successor Vacant
1st Qimel of FQRM
In office
12. 7. 2020-18. 9. 2020
President Štěpán Fremund
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished (Š. Fremund as President of the State of Žatec)
Personal information
Born June 2008 (age 13)
Rakovník, Czech Republic
Birth name Erik Šmíd
Citizenship Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State
Flagsn.png Snowy Plains
Ethnicity Czech, Mekniyan
Political party SL logo.svg SL (Gymnasium State)
Relations Waldemar Smith (brother)
Residence New-Zatec
Nickname(s) Eric 22

Micronational activity

In May 2019, he began to watch Czech MicroWiki. In August of that year, he thought of the idea to create his own micronation, originally named Žatec Republic, which was renamed to Mendersia in September 2019. Mendersia was supposed to be originally established on 15 June 2020, but after connecting to Discord server MicroWikiCS on 23. 11. 2019, Smith began to show the presence of Mendersia (at that time geofictive), so he decided to establish Mendersia earlier, and that happened on 24. 11. 2019. He was elected President by himself and was re-elected in March 2020, but on 4 June 2020, he was deposed in a coup, led by Jan Mírný, who then appointed himself President. In July 2020, he established another micronation, the FQRM, and became its Qimel. He was once again deposed from his post by Štěpán Fremund on 18 September 2020. Now, he is the Senator and Minister of Agriculture in Mekniy-Lurk.