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Erephisian presidential election, May 2012

The May 2012 Erephisian Presidential Decision was an election held on May 21st, 2012, to elect the 3rd President of Erephisia. The President was elected by the National Council of Erephisia

Presidential Election, May 2012
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Incumbent President

Billy Neil


The second elections to ever be held in Erephisia took place in late May. It was the first elections where the legislature elected the president of the Federation. The candidates were Billy Neil Acting President, Lucas Campos Acting Vice-President and Kuri.

A few days before the election, Vice-President, Lucas Campos, announced he would be joining the Federal Republic of St.Charlie having to renounce his candidature as well as his citizenship. This left a spot open and soon Joseph Puglisi joined the race.

The announcement of the decision were:

Term No. Picture Name Percentage of votes Elected
2   Billy Neil 60% President
1   Kuri Kabanov 40% Vice-President
1   Joseph Puglisi 0% Prime Minister