Enochtia, officially the Combined City-Prefecture of Enochtia is the capital and most populated territory of the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht. Enochtia is the only territorial claim within Enocht that holds Prefecture status. It is located near the American city of St. Anthony, Idaho on islands in the Henrys Fork of the Snake River. For privacy reasons, the exact location of Enochtia is not disclosed.

Enochtia Flag.png
Country Enocht Flag.png Sovereign Duchy of Enocht
Official Name Combined City-Prefecture of Enochtia
Status Prefecture
Incorporated January 1, 2017
Governor Sovereign Duke Mark I
Population 2
Area 0.1 km2


The governor of Enochtia is the Sovereign Duke Mark I. He heads both the Duchy and the Prefecture. Enochtia has one ministry, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure.

Buildings and Grounds

There are two buildings in Enochtia, the National Chamber and the Duchy Fleet Garage. The National Chamber is the Seat of the Government of the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht and is also serving as the Capital of Enochtia. The National Chamber is the residence of the Sovereign Duke and his wife.

The grounds surrounding the National Chamber are maintained grass. Across CW-1 from the National Chamber, and on other islands, the ground is unmaintained. Plans are in place for a box garden to be built in Spring of 2017.


Under Enochtian Law, Colonies are territorial claims by the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht that have no residents. Having no residents, there can be no government in colonies and they are therefore administered by established territories or prefectures.

Enochtia administers the Colony of Imatalum, which is a 0.36 km2 area near Boardman, Oregon. It was annexed on 25 January by Official Decree 2017-004.


There are two roads for automobiles, designated as Capital Roads. In addition, there are three designated walking paths which are given the name Capital Walkways. There are 81 meters of automobile roads and 61 meters of walkways. There are future plans to develop a port on the Henrys Fork. This port would mostly be used by the Royal Military of Enocht for exploratory missions. Roads and walkways are maintained by the Enochtia Ministry of Physical Infrastructure.

  • Capital Road 1: Capital Road 1 (CR-1) is 73 meters in length and connects Enochtia to roads in the United States. It has an improved gravel surface. There is currently an agreement with a local outside of the prefecture stating that this person will have responsibility to plow CR-1 in the event of heavy snow.
  • Capital Road 2: Capital Road 2 (CR-2) is 8 meters in lenghth and connects the Duchy Fleet Garage to CR-1. A portion of CR-2 is paved.
  • Capital Walkway 3: Capital Walkway 3 (CW-3) is 22 meters in length and connects the back entrance of the National Chamber to the Duchy Fleet Garage. A portion of CW-3 is paved. CW-3 is cosigned with CW-4 for part of its length, and has a junction with CR-2.
  • Capital Walkway 4: Capital Walkway 4 (CW-4) is 29 meters in length and connects CW-3 to both CR-1 and the American road system.
  • Capital Walkway 5: Capital Walkway 5 (CW-5) is 10 meters in length and connects the front entrance of the National Chamber to the American road system. CW-5 is mostly used by the United States Postal Service when delivering mail coming from outside the Duchy.

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