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The Cabinet of the Eniarkian Confederation is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government of the Eniarkian Confederation, who are generally the heads of the federal executive secretariats. The existence of the Cabinet dates back to the original Republic of Eniarku, and has changed its form numerous times throughout Eniarku's history. One of the most notable Cabinets, what has become known as the Meek-Horn Cabinet, was the original advisory body to the President and Prime Minister of the republic, and composed of what are today considered Eniarku's Founding Fathers.

All Cabinet officials are nominated by the Federal President and then presented to the National Council for confirmation or rejection by a majority vote. Before the vote may take place, however, all nominees must go through a series of preliminary and confirmation hearings in front of their secretariat's corresponding National Council committee. If the nominee is approved, he or she is then sworn in by the President of the Supreme Court to begin his or her duties. All Cabinet officers receive the title Secretary of State for [function, i.e. Defense] aside from the head of the Secretariat of State, who is granted the title First Secretary of State. All members also serve at the pleasure of the Federal President, meaning he or she may dismiss them or reappoint them (to other posts) at will.

In federal law

Much of the basis in Eniarkian law on "Cabinets" and their creation and adjustment comes from United States regulations on its Cabinet, as well as precedents set in the past. Also, decisions in the Supreme Court of Eniarku on the topic have established the following final ruling on the advisory body, as well as its powers and limitations, establishing its legal basis:

In accordance with laws and regulations passed in both the current National Council, as well as previous incarnations of Eniarku, we, the members of the Supreme Court of Eniarku hereby declare that the Federal President, provided he or she is sound in all capacities, is authorized to lawfully appoint a body of advisors of an unlimited amount (provided limitations are not set forth by the National Council) responsible for the efficient operation of their respective federal department. Furthermore, the Federal President may also establish and disestablish these departments under any name, the offices of their officials under any title, and their responsibilities to any extent (again, unless limited) at his or her pleasure, as well as dismiss or appoint these officials at any time provided consent is given by the National Council. The Federal President may adjust the structure of this body through its power of executive order, and may make these changes at will, which are to include only delegations of powers, adjustments, and creations or disestablishments.

— Official Opinion of the Eniarkian Supreme Court on Cabinets of the Executive Branch

Currently, the Office of the Federal President defines the term Cabinet in the following way: "...the advisory body that is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of Eniarku's Federal President, assisting him or her in their executive duties...". It goes on to say, "...the current legal term for all of the executive departments is Secretariat, and the title of each Secretariat's chief operating officer is Secretary of State for [function, i.e. Defense], except for the head of the Secretariat of State, who is titled First Secretary of State...".

Cabinet and Cabinet-level officials

The men and women listed below were nominated by Federal President Meek to form his Cabinet and were confirmed by the Eniarkian National Council on the date noted. An elected Federal Chancellor does not require National Council confirmation, nor do presidential staff positions (e.g. the chief of staff). The Cabinet officers are listed in the order of succession to the presidency (Cabinet-level officers are not in the order of succession).


Secretariat Office Incumbent In office since
Eniarkian Confederation FC Seal.png
Office of the Federal Chancellor
Federal Chancellor of Eniarku Mason Horn October 24, 2011
EC-SoS emblem.png
Secretariat of State
First Secretary of State
Mason Horn July 1, 2012
EC-SfD emblem.png
Secretariat for Defense
Secretary of State for Defense Evan Meek June 18, 2012
EC SupCourt Emblem.png
Secretariat for Justice
Eniarkian Supreme Court
Secretary of State for Justice
As President of the Eniarkian Supreme Court
Aaron Meek October 24, 2011
EC-SoHS&NI emblem.png
Secretariat for Homeland
Security & National Intelligence
Secretary of State for Homeland
Security & National Intelligence
Vacant n/a

Cabinet-level officers

Agency Office Incumbent In office since
EC Exec. Office of the FP logo.png
Executive Office of the Federal President
Presidential Chief of Staff Vacant n/a
EC-GID emblem.png
Office of the Director of General Intelligence
Director of General Intelligence Aaron Meek October 24, 2011