Empire of Zichroland

The Coat of Arms of the Nation
Flag of the Empire of Zichroland

Zichroland, officially the Empire of Zichroland, is a Sovereign State landlocked within the city of Katy, Texas, USA with territories in other parts of Texas. It was founded by on May, 18 2020, when the Senate of the Kingdom of Zichroland abolished the Kingdom and proclaimed an Empire, with Zane I as Emperor. It was preceded by the Kingdom of Zichroland, and earlier the Zicronian Union (Union of Zicronian Free Republics).

Geographical Layout

The Empire is split into 6 states; The Grand Duchy of Zicof (The Capital), The Archduchy of Chrysanthemum, The Duchy of Lavonne, The Duchy of Orange, The Duchy of Antoinette, and The Duchy of Blue, the latter three being exclaves. The Grand Duchy of Zicof, the Duchy of Orange, and the Duchy of Antoinette being the states with the most developed societies and infrastructure.

Government Structure

The Government of Zichroland is officially a Unitary Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy. The Emperor is only head of state, but can veto acts of parliament. The Parliament consists of a sole house, The Most Noble House of Ministers. There is no official head of government in the Empire, the day to day running of the nation is left to the Emperor.

Orders and Medals

Zichroland has many Orders and Medals including the Order of the Diamond Fleece, The Order of the Lava, The Order of the Sunset, The Order of the Woodcreek, and The Order of the Metal. There is also one medal, the Most Noble Medal of Honour, of which there are 3 degrees.


1: Constitution fo the Empire of Zichroland

2: Parliamentary Archives of the Parliament of the Empire of Zichroalnd

3: Empire of Zichroland Book of Knowledge