Empire of Yoko

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Empire of Yoko


2014 — 2015

Yoko flag.png
Yoko mon.png

土地が悟りを開いたとします (last)
(Japanese: Let the land be enlightened)
(Japanese: Kimigayo)
Capital cityOkinokyo (first)
Official language(s)Japanese
Short nameYoko
GovernmentSingle-party state absolute monarchy (2015)
- EmperorHiroshi (first)
Ueji Shirō (last)
Established13 April 2014 (1st Empire)
9 September 2015 (Shinmyo)
21 July 2015 (2nd Empire)
Disestablished27 June 2014 (1st Empire)
21 October 2015 (Shinmyo)
24 November 2015 (2nd Empire)

The Empire of Yoko (Japanese: 洋子の帝国), was an British, then Dutch, then Indonesian-based Japanese micronation. It was founded in 2014 by Emperor Hiroshi then re-established as the Imperial State of Shinmyo (Japanese: 州新名帝国) by Shady Morsi, then established as Yoko for the second time and disestablished due to inactivity for around three months.