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This article is about the Empire of Sayville. For the kingdom see Kingdom of Sayville and for the dominion see Dominion of Sayville.

Empire of Sayville
Flag of the EOS.svg
Coat of Arms of the EOS.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Pour l'Empereur et l'Empire!
Sayville, Islip, New York
(Empire of Sayville highlighted in yellow)
Other languagesEnglish
GovernmentImperial Council
• Emperor of the Sayvillians
Francis Karma
• Lord President
Carson Snyder
LegislatureImperial Council
Establishment21 April 2019
Time zoneUTC-5:00

The Empire of Sayville (French: Empire de Sayville), is a micronation founded on 21 April 2019 in Sayville, New York. While it originated on the site NationStates, it has embraced micronationalism thanks to its membership within the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions. Currently, the monarch of the Empire of Sayville is Emperor Francis Karma, with the government structure being that of a constitutional monarchy.


The history of the Empire of Sayville is that of contention, and while most of it occurred during its time on NationStates, the events and subsequent ramifications would mold the micronational side, and era, of the Empire of Sayville.

Early History (2019 - 2020)

Origins and Early Leadership

The Empire of Sayville was founded on 21 April 2019 by Charles Burgardt as a member of the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions. The Empire was placed under the control of Emperor Autoroga, little is known about his reign. It was around this time that the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions had suffered from an over bloating of minor, governmentless Sayvillian nations, this led to many members being removed including the Empire of Sayville. As a successor to Autoroga, Nelfania eventually became the Emperor before suddenly abdicating. Without a successor in place, Carson Snyder become the Emperor of the Sayvillians, entrusted with the responsibility of establishing a true government.

Re-Entry into the Commonwealth

On 24 July 2019, in an effort to grow the Empire of Sayville a merger deal was reached with the Empire of Galea. During this time the Empire of Sayville was controlled by the virtual entity of "The United Empires of Carson" (UEC) while the Empire of Galea was controlled by the "Union of Liberal Nations" (ULN). Under the merger agreement, both sides would take joint overlordship of the Empire in an effort to grow it to a sustainable population. During this time the Empire of Sayville's petition to rejoin the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions was accepted, being the first to rejoin after the mass removal.

The UEC-ULN Conflict

On 26 July 2019, a disagreement over the terms of the collaboration occurred. The verbal agreement between the two parties was believed to be that the Empire of Sayville would not be used to recruit members to either party's group, this was believed by The United Empires of Carson. However, the Union of Liberal Nations viewed their original agreement with the Empire of Galea as still in effect, leading them to pursue a policy of joint-citizenship, which was viewed as recruitment by the other party. This disagreement eventually scaled to the point that the Union of Liberal Nations' was expelled from the Empire of Sayville by the then Emperor Carson Snyder. The conflict further escalated to a cold war between the two major parties over the rightful owner of the Empire of Sayville.

The war was eventually ended on 29 July 2019 after both parties had captured valuable historical sites from the other. Peace was restored over the land with both parties agreeing to decolonization and the return of taken land, additionally, they both agreed that the Empire of Sayville would stay under the control of The United Empires of Carson until a local government was established with both parties assisting in its growth. This was, however, overturned later by Emperor Karma with the entry of the Empire of Sayville into the Greater Carsonite Empire.

Restoration of Local Government

While he remained Emperor directly after the end of the conflict, Carson Snyder eventually abdicated the throne to Francis Karma, the current Emperor of the Sayvillians, on 24 August 2019. Carson would later be appointed to the position of Prime Minister of the Empire of Sayville on 26 May 2020 by Emperor Karma.

Modern History (2020 - Present)

Government Expansion

On 20 June 2020, Prince Pegleg became the first member, aside from Emperor Karma, of the Empire of Sayville's royal house, the House of Insigniter. On 2 August 2020, Yasir became the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Empire. Later, on 16 August 2020, the Constitution of the Empire of Sayville, written by Emperor Karma, was formally passed. This created a new government structure, with Carson Snyder becoming the new Lord President and Yasir becoming the Lord Minister of State.

Imperial Government

The government of the Empire of Sayville is governed by the Constitution of the Empire of Sayville. This document outlines provisions for the Great Offices of State along with the Imperial council, it also outlines the responsibilities of the Emperor, or Sovereign.

Image Name Position
Francis Karma Emperor
Carson2.jpg Carson Snyder Lord President
Yasir Lord Minister of State

Royal Family

The royal family of the Empire of Sayville has been a center point of the nation since its founding, although it has never been properly expanded until the advent of Emperor Karma and the House of Insigniter.

Image Name Position
Francis Karma Emperor
Pegleg.png Will 'Pegleg' Prince