Empire of North Africa

The Empire of North Africa is a micronation founded on 10 February 2006 located on the continent of Africa. Its capital city is Anpono, which is located to the west.

Empire of North Africa
Flag of North Africa.png

North Africa; the best side of Africa
May Africa Prevail
Capital cityAnpono
Largest cityKajail
Short nameNorth Africa
DemonymNorth African
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- EmperorTain Stevens
Established10 February 2006
Area claimed23.4 African Measurements
National animalDog


Reign of Robert Zeon I

  • 2006 - 2012

Empire of North Africa was founded in 10 February 2006 by Robert Zeon. Robert Zeon was appointed 1st Emperor.

Reign of Jim I

  • 2012 - 2014

Reign of Jim II

2014 - 2019 Jim Dickson was the first emperor not to be voted into office, officially starting the first dynasty.

Reign of Ibi I

2019 - 2019

Reign of Tain I

2019–Present Tain Stevens was elected as emperor Tain I on 22 January 2019, following the resignation of Ibi I.