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|head of state      = Emperor
|head of state      = Emperor
|head of government = Chancellor
|head of government = Chancellor
|hos_name          = [[Kaiser August IV]]
|hos_name          = [[Kaiser August IV|August IV]]
|hog_name          = August Harms
|hog_name          = August Harms
|nat_animal        = Cardinal
|nat_animal        = Cardinal

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Empire of New Prussia
Flag of the Empire of New Prussia.png
Empire of New Prussia coat of arms.png
Coat of arms

Gott mit allen
God with all
Heil dir im Siegerkranz [1]
Lowden, Iowa United States of America
Capital cityLowden, New Bavaria
Largest cityClinton, Duchy of Clinton
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Christianity and New Prussian Catholicism
DemonymNew Prussian
GovernmentFederal Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
- EmperorAugust IV
- ChancellorAugust Harms
LegislatureThe New Prussian Council
- Type - Unicameralism
- Number of seats - 5
Established25 May 2018
Population18 Counted Active Citizenship Certificates
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zoneUTC-05:00
National animalCardinal

National Website

The Empire of New Prussia is a federal constitutional monarchy that has five constituent countries. The ruler of this empire is Kaiser August IV who is 19 years old. The constituent countries of the empire are, Kingdom of New Bavaria, Kingdom of New Saxony, Principality of New Hanover, Kingdom of Biberdamm and the Archduchy of Clinton. The oldest state in the empire is the Kingdom of New Bavaria which was founded June 10, 1892. The Latest state of the empire is the Principality of New Hanover. In this country, pets of any kind can become citizens, for example, Princess Dolly who is a Boston Terrier and a citizen. If you want to become a citizen or if you have questions, contact the Emperor at NewPrussia18@gmail.com or the Chancellor at ChancellorNewPrussia@gmail.com.


This Empire never was always a empire A timeline has been created by the emperor that shows when each state was created and who where the previous rulers, this timeline is fiction. When the emperor united the states of the Kingdom of Biberdamm (which was founded August 2, 2006) and the Kingdom of New Bavaria(Which was founded June 10 1892). The emperor decided to expand his country, so he created the Principality of New Hanover because he had some relatives who live north of New Bavaria. New Hanover was founded June 3, 2018. Then he created the Archduchy of Clinton on July 2, 2018 because he found 2 relatives who live near the Iowa-Wisconsin border. The latest edition to the empire is the Earldom of Wheatland which was founded on February 8, 2019 because the emperors sister and 2 nephews lived there and the emperor oldest nephew, Prince Reese was Earl of Wheatland, but then they moved to Lowden then to Clarence, which is a town in the Kingdom of New Saxony, the Earldom was disestablished on September 25, 2019. The Kingdom of New Saxony is west of New Bavaria and it is a mixture of 3 towns that are a part of the North Cedar School District which is where the emperor went to school. New Saxony was founded March 15, 2018. In this empire, each monarch can choose their successor but they have to be within the royal family. New Prussia has its own religion called New Prussian Catholicism which has been established September 28, 2019. Click The Monarchy of New Prussia If you want to learn more about the line of succession of the thrones in the kingdoms and more.


The government of the empire is federal constitutional monarchy meaning that the Kaiser is the overall head of state according to the constitution. There is a legislature to help run the nation, to help the Kaiser and to make laws and that legislature is called The New Prussian Council and there is one secretary as of January, 14 2021. The Secretary of Defense also holds the office of Chief of Staff who is the head of the New Prussian Armed Forces.

Office Department Incumbent Term began
Chancellor Head of Legislature August Harms January 14, 2021
Secretary of State Head of Foreign Relations N/A N/A
Secretary of Treasury Head of Treasury Emperess-Mother Ann March 10, 2020
Secretary of Defense Head of Defense N/A N/A
List of political parties in New Prussia as of 14 January 2021
Name Leader Ideology Members of the New Prussian Council
Liberal Pacifist Party of New Prussia August Harms Liberal Pacifism
1 / 5

National Holidays

  • New Year's Day January 1
  • St. Valentines Day February 14
  • St Patrick's Day March 17
  • St. Lewis II Day March 29
  • Independence Day May 25
  • Kaiser Day July 8
  • Sts. August III and August the Martyr day December 7
  • Christmas December 25


Armed Forces

New Prussian Imperial Army flag.png Flag of the New Prussian Imperial Army

Imperial Guard

New Prussian Imperial Guard flag.png Flag of the New Prussian Imperial Guard

Civil and Military Awards

These awards can only be given by the Kaiser.

Foreign Relations