Empire of New Germany

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Empire of New Germany

In life war, in death peace
Capital cityBobbygrad
Largest cityBobbygrad
Official language(s)English, german, Italyan
Official religion(s)Markisum
Short nameNew Germany
DemonymNew Deutschland
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- emperor (Kaiser)Vladimir Baruh
- Prime Ministerjack o rova
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - every other month
Established13, January 2020
Area claimed1,642.09 acres
Currencynew marks, US Dollar
Time zoneGWT
National sportWarhammer 40k
National animalThe pug

The Empire of New Germany was created as a break away from the Kingdom of Wegmat. It currently promotes industrialism and order in the western Chicago micronational region.


New Germany or the Empire of New Germany, is west of Chicago and works to better it's military power and put its influence over other micro nations in the area. It has a large populated area to its north and large farm areas and a war zone to its south. Attempted's have been made to end the conflict in southern New Germany but have failed because Cole B. has been very cautious since Vladimir Baruh left Wegmat.


before Vladimir Baruh joined Wegmat in about 2016 Vladimir Baruh made Bobbyland, named after one of his good friends. he originally made as a joke because he hade to ride to the local community center little kids would pester him wile he took a nap on the bus. at first it was like a dream land but as Vladimir Baruh goy a bit older he refined it and it became a very militaristic society who loved trench warfare. when Vladimir Baruh joined Wegmat he left Bobbyland occasionally re visiting it. It was the foundation that New Germany needed, and that's how New Germany was born!


The New German military has two branches, the heer or army and the Kriegsmarine or navy. The heer is equipped with a mix of old and new gear and is armed with airsoft guns and a tank is I development. The Kriegsmarine has about 5-6 ships which are mostly in the Northern Territorys.


New Germany is the leading producer of arms. Mostly bang guns, swords, and sheids. If other country's don't buy they give them to the military. They are also big in construction. This is possible by Bobby Inc. they cover accounting and building they are employed by big companies such as Walsh and Mcqui. That bring in most of the income for New Germany. there is also a army surplus store near maggiegrad witch brings income as well.

Politics and Government

political party’s

there two mayjor politicol partys in new germany, the Royal Party witch evreyone in the royal family is in but they do not run politicl races becuse the Kasier is the head of stae already, the other is the Founders Party but the head wants to chang it to something else. they are curenty the biggist and only party in the new german parliment, this being the case there is not mutch fighting in parliament.

Party Name Logo Political position Leader Date of foundation Seats
Royal Party
New German Royal coat of arms.jpg
Center Vladimir Baruh 13 January 2020
0 / 5
The Green Party
Green Party coat of arms.jpg
Right TBD 20 January 2020
5 / 5


There are three “in-provinces”; Nördliches Land(Northern Land), Die Heimat(Home Land), and südliches land(southern land). And one “out of province”; Northern Territory.

Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated size
Northern Land .jpg
Nördliches Land New Warsaw 8 2020 5 acres
Homeland flag.jpg
Die Heimat Bobbygrad 35 2020 112.84 acres
südliches Land Maggiegrad 6 2020 13.95 acres
Northern Territory’s .jpg
Northern territories New Dublin 4 2020 151 acres
Westen Territory .jpg
German New York New Rome 1 2020 5 acres
German Florida .jpg
German Florida Bucky-burg 0 2020 46.2 acres
new German Forest Fort Johnny ~30 2020 1,860 acres

police and civil service

the Empire of New Germany dose not have a formal police force, but some New German soldiers are trained to be a police officer. There are paramedics that can respond to small injury's such as scrapes, cuts, burns, bites, etc. But if major injury's occur the united states paramedics will come and ether treat them on the spot or bring them to the local rush hospital. Pluming and electricity are provided by the united states because of New Germanys foreign aid policy.


New german citizens are located in Chicago so there are forests around but most citizens stay within Bobbygrad citizens usually stay in the city limits. When the weather is nice it has been know for all the citizens to come out and play.when it's cold usually only soldiers are out. there are also reasteraunts sutch as marys kitchen and maggiegrad ice cream shop .