Empire of Lifréia

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Império de Lifréia
Empire of Lifréia

Bandeira Lifreia.png
Grande Brasão de Lifréia.png
Coat of Arms

Ex Rex Veritas
(Latin: In King Truth)
Rule Lifre (Instrumental)

Map of the territory claimed by The Empire Of Lifréia on Wolin.
Official language(s)Portuguese (de facto)
Official religion(s)Agnosticism
Short nameLifréia
GovernmentAutocratic Monarchy
- KanfreHFM Kanfre Lopes I
- PremierPaulo Ricardo
LegislatureImperial Senate of Lifréia
Area claimed265 km²
Population3 (as of 2016 census)
CurrencyLifre (Ł) (de jure)
Real (BRL) (de facto)
Time zone(BRT
National dishBaked onions
National animalRaven
Patron saintSt.Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II of Russia

Government Website

The Empire Of Lifréia (In Portuguese: lifɾɛia) is a micronation founded on may of 2015 by the Kanfre Lopes I. It is a constitutional monarchy. The Principality Of Nossia was part of Lifréia from may 2015 to december 2015, declaring its independance in the 5th of January of the following year. After a voluntary break to focus on his studies, the Kanfre declared Lifréia active again in the 7th of july, 2016, his sixteenth birthday.


The name "Lifréia" is latin for "Land of Lifre". Lifre being the mythological being of the Lifreian mithology, often called the "Dark Star of The Morning". Legend has that he killed his brother in a feud over his first cousin. Lifre won, but his soul was shattered, for he killed one of his own blood. The first known usage of the name was in a screenplay penned by Lopes I.


Lifreia was founded in may of 2015 by the Kanfre Lopes I. In the begining, it was only a country mentioned in a screenplay about espionage in the cold war. Becoming a micronational state during the year of 2015. Its foundation was declared in 7 of july of the same year. The Nossian-Lifreian Civil War was a conflict that ocurred from july 2015 to december 2015. With the "special region" of Nossia being ruled by a military junta in the aftermath while the Kanfre went to a diplomatic trip and the Prince went to self-imposed exile.

Government and politics

Monarchist propaganda issued by the Lifreian government in the early months of 2016.
Turism propaganda issued by the Lifreian government in late-2016.

The empire is a monarchy (similar to Great Britain). After a governmental reestructuring in mid-july 2016, the senate that was a bicameral legislature, became unicameral. Its jurisdiction is subordinate to the Kanfre. Currently, The Empire of Lifréia is a one-party state, with the dominant (and only existing) party being the Nationalist Party Of Lifréia.

Lifreian Government
Unicameral Legislature
Seal of the government of Lifréia.png
His Faithful Majesty, Kanfre of the Empire of LifréiaLopes I
The Just and Magnanimous Premier of the Empire of LifréiaPaulo Ricardo, Premier of the Empire of Lifréia
MembersSenate: 0
Senate voting systemOligarchical

National colors and symbols

These symbols were created by the College of Heraldry and Nobility of the Principality of Nossia.

Law and order

Law Enforcement Agencies

The law in Lifréia is uphold by the Crown's Armed Police. Being similar to a "military police", it is a Gendarmerie. It uses a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles. Currently it is in a state of "major reestructuring".

Foreign relations

Lifréia currently enjoys good relations with its former province/"special region", but distrust is mutual.

  • Newfrance flag2.png Kingdom of New France, since the 19th of july of 2016. The treaty of non-aggression and mutual recognition was signed by both H.F.M. Lopes I and H.M. King Leonard I.


The Kanfre is the Marshall of the army. The National Army of Lifréia.

Geography and climate

The climate in Wolin (the island and the city of the same name) is "[...] warm and temperate. The is a great deal of rainfall in Wolin, even in the driest month. This location is classified as Cfb by Köppen and Geiger. In Wolin, the average annual temperature is 8.7 °C. Precipitation here averages 547 mm."


Pratically non-existant at the moment. The currency is the Lifre, but the preffered (and actualy used) currency is the Brazillian Real (BRL).


With a very strong influence by the Polish culture, the Lifreian culture could be described as "very, very traditional". Lifre, the Capital, being described as a "European Floripa", with its brazilian influences, primarily by the strong Azorean culture provenient of the descendents that reside on the island of Florianópolis.


The most popular form of media in Lifréia is the cinema. The national film industry of Lifréia is semi-nonexistant, with the country being domined by foreign productions. Roughly, one screenplay is written every year, but does not end up being produced. Television is a secundary form of media, along with radio broadcasts. The lifreian literary industry consists primarily of short stories (or tales).

See also

The Principality Of Nossia. Former Part of Lifréia from its founding to its declaration of independance.

External links

  • [2] Official site of the Empire of Lifréia (In portuguese).