Empire of Joshstralia

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Empire of Joshstralia

25 July 2015 — 30 July 2015

Joshstralia Flag.pngNocoa.png

Capital city Joshton
Largest city Joshton
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Joshstralia
Demonym Joshstralian
Government Empire
- Emperor Joshua I
Established 25 July 2015
Disestablished 30 July 2015
Area claimed 10 m²
Population 1 (as of 2015 estiamte)
Currency Australian dollar
Time zone Joshstralian Standard Time (UTC+10)
National sport eSports
National animal Tiger Snake

The Empire of Joshstralia was a micronation founded on 25 July 2015. It is ruled by HIM Joshua I and is situated on former Vyktoryan land, having peacefully declared independence from them. 5 days later, the nation rejoined Vyktory.


Joshstralia is a portmanteau of Josh and Australia.


On 25 July 2015, HIM Joshua I reached an agreement with HRM James I of Vyktory to declare independence. On 30 July 2015, Joshstralia rejoined Vyktory.

Government and politics

HIM Joshua I ruled as an autocratic figurehead.

Until HIM Zane came with his army and took over Jostralia. HIM Zane changed the name to Zanestaya because Joshtralia is Gay


Joshstralia imported most goods from Australia, and exported no goods. Its communication networks were a mixture of Vyktoryan and Australian.


Joshstralia had a developing, but virtually non-existant culture.


Joshstralia had no media outlest to speak of.