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|name              = Empire of Joshstralia
|name              = Empire of Joshstralia

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Empire of Joshstralia

25 July 2015 — Present

Joshstralia Flag.pngNocoa.png

Capital city Joshton
Largest city Joshton
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Short name Joshstralia
Demonym Joshstralian
Government Empire
- Emperor Joshua I
Established 25 July 2015
Area claimed 10 m²
Population 1 (as of 2015 estiamte)
Currency Australian dollar
Time zone Joshstralian Standard Time (UTC+10)
National sport eSports
National animal Tiger Snake

The Empure of Joshstralia is a micronation founded on 25 July 2015. It is ruled by HIM Joshua I and is situated on former Vyktoryan land, having peacefully declared independence from them.


Joshstralia is a portmanteau of Josh and Australia.


On 25 July 2015, HIM Joshua I reached an agreement with HRM James I of Vyktory to declare independence.

Government and politics

HIM Joshua I rules as an autocratic figurehead.

Foreign relations

Nations recognized and with relations


Joshstralia imports most goods from Australia, and exports no goods. Its communication networks are a mixture of Vyktoryan and Australian.


Joshstralia has a developing, but virtually non-existant culture.


Joshstralia has no media outlest to speak of.