Empire of Gameria

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Empire of Gameria
Imperra Gameria

Gameria Flag.pngGameria COA.png

Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem

Capital cityAdnankahveci
Largest cityKavakli
Official language(s)Gamerian (de facto), Turkish (de jure)
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameGameria
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- EmperorBerke the First
LegislatureGamers' Assembly
Established18th February 2012
Population1 Residents;244,760
CurrencyTurkish lira
Time zoneEET (UTC+2)

Gameria, officially Empire of Gameria (ga:Imperra Gameria) is a country established in 18th February, 2012, claiming the lands of Beylikduzu, Turkey. It is assumed that Beylikdüzü was first settled by Greeks from Byzantion in the second century AD as a farming village. It later became a popular resort for residents of Constantiople in the Byzantine Empire, a status that continued after the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. The region was referred to as "Garden" in the later Ottoman period, and following the foundation of the Turkish Republic was called "Kavaklı," after the large number of popular trees, a name which was used until 2003. The modern name means "Plains of the Beylik." After all of these events, The city of Beylikduzu got claimed by both Turkey and Gameria. After the conflicts, the city internationally belongs to Turkey, but micronationally belongs to Gameria. The capital city of Gameria is Adnankahveci, being the second largest city in Gameria. The largest city is Kavakli. The country's official language is Gamerian, but since the Turkish community is bigger than the Gamerian community, Turkish language stays as a de jure language. Gameria is bordered by Turkey and the Aegean Sea.


Gameria comes from "gammeristis", a Gamerian word which means "gamers". The -ia suffix is used in the English name, the same with the Gamerian name.



The Empire of Gameria was founded in 2012 as a republic due to the revolts Kadiristan were doing to the Emperor's birthplace, Beylikduzu. The Emperor established the country in 18th February 2012 after designing the flag of Gameria which was a different flag with red-black stripes and a crest with the writing TROG (The Republic of Gameria). The Emperor was the President at 2012. They declared war to Kadiristan along with Kingdom of Thessania, and won the war, reclaiming Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece. The country stayed neutral and inactive since 2013.


In January 2013, Kadiristan declared a second war to Gameria, which got declined and never happened. But after February, Thessania, Timur, Gameria, Gularisia, Juzneiza, and some Turkic nations built the "Freedom Pact" and declared a big war to Kadiristan and his allies. The war happened because of Kadiristan claiming Juzneiza and making it an autonomous country. But before the war started, Juzneiza quitted the pact, joining Kadiristan.So the war didn't happen since Juzneizans wanted to join Kadiristan and move along.


Kadiristan, Thessania and Gameria decided to be allies because of the events happening in Kadiristan in March 2014, Juzneizans starting revolutions. And after a civil war, Juzneiza got destroyed by Kadiristan with the help of Thessania and Gameria. In April 2014, Gameria changed the government type to an Absolute monarchy, making the country an Empire. The flag got changed, and the crest writing became GEOG (Great Empire of Gameria).


A micronational union, TMU (Turkish Micronational Union) was established by Thessanian Kingdom and Gamerian Empire, with the current members of Gularisia and Timur.


The Empire of Gameria is an Absolute monarchy, ruled by Berke the First (Berke Baltaci). The country was a Unitary parlamential republic since 2014.

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Annual average temperature of the sea water is 14.4°C. Annual average precipitation is 54.2 mm, with lowest in August and highest in December. The strongest winds are seen also in December. Highest snowfall in Gameria is 60 cm. Since Gameria is approximately 150 meters above the sea level, it is low in humidity and it is windier than the other central districts of Istanbul. Also Gameria is known for its clean and dry air. Winters tend to be stronger in Gameria compared to downtown areas. Since Gameria is surrounded by trees the change of seasons in Gameria offers a great visual show for its residents.