Empire of Cherniv

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Empire of Cherniv

Ab Ordine Libertas
Con Orden y Libertad
Cherniv Location.png
Capital city Capital State of Zaratev ZARBAN.png
Official language(s) Spanish • English
Official religion(s) Catholic
Demonym Chernivian
Government Constitutional parliamentary Monarchy
- Emperor Raul I
Legislature Parliament of Cherniv (2 members)
Established 21 May 2015
Area claimed 4 km2
Population 15
Currency Chernivian Peso
Time zone UTC-7

Cherniv ( 't∫er nib) or officially know as The Empire of Cherniv (Spanish: Imperio de Cherniv) is a Empire composed of 7 Provinces and 1 Capital State located in the Northwest of Mexico, Cherniv border at North,South,East and West with Mexico (Except in Tijuana, that borders in the North with the USA) , Cherniv has a population of 14 people living there, the official currency accepted in the Republic is the Mexican Peso, Cherniv is the succesor of the People´s Republic of Arizo or Republic of Fitberland, The Republic of Fitberland was founded by Raul I on 21 May 2015 at 5:09pm (Local Hour).´ Cherniv is a Constitutonal Parliamentary Monarchy

Cherniv was Member of the United Micronations (2009) and is member of the Intermicronational Olympic Commitee (Spanish: Comité Olímpico Intermicronacional)


The Word Cherniv comes from the Ukranian City of Chernihiv, but the Nation isn´t in Ukraine


Cherniv has two official currencies in the nation, the Peso Mexicano (MXN) and the Chernivian pound (CHP). the design of the Chernivian pound is from a Mexican table game named Turista Mundial translated literally as World Tourist in the banknote at the bottom is the signature of the Bank of Cherniv to distinguish from the Banknotes from the game and the accepted in Cherniv (with the signature of the bank)

Belian Civil War

On September 27, 2016, Grupo Revolucionista Independentista Xexu (GRIX) declared war on Belia and Fitberland (Cherniv) declared war on GRIX because Belia was Ally of Fitberland, The Belian Army sended daily news of the war, Forces of Fitberland advanced in Piazza Rosa and Quadrilatero and surrounded Badlands, on October 1 Belia announced a delay of the war, 14 days later Belia took control of the GRIX Twitter account, After Belia took Control of the account the war ended.


Cherniv has a very dry weather in Summer time with an Annual Precipitation of 410 mm, The most high average of rain is from June to September, In the table it´s presented averages from 1981 to 2010 recopilated from the webpage of Servicio Meteorologico Nacional

Climate data for the Republic of Cherniv (near Cajeme)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 98.6
Average high °F (°C) 78.08
Average low °F (°C) 53.78
Record low °F (°C) 33.8
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 0.82
Source: Servicio Meteorologico Nacional

Flora and Fauna

Some plants that are in Cherniv are Euphorbia pulcherrima (Poinsettia), Persea americana (Avocado) and Mangifera (Plant of Mangoes). Also some types of tree like Ficus microcarpa (Known in Cherniv as Árbol Yucateco

In fauna we have some types of birds like American coot, Praire falcon (falco mexicanus) also 2 Cannis Lupus Familiaris (dog), to be specific one French Poodle and one Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever:

Black Lab

Life span: 12-13 yrs Common Nickname: Lab Colors: Black, chocolate, or yellow (ranges from pale yellow (nearly white) to fox red)


Life span: 12-15 yrs Other Names: Caniche (in spanish) and Pudle (Old English) Colors: Black, White, Blue, Silver, Brown, Red, Grey, and Cream



In Cherniv exist many delicious food like:

Wakabaki is a traditional soup with beef ribs, pumpkin, carrots, chickpea, and cabbage

Carne Asada are beef cuts seasoned with salt and then the beef goes to the grill to cook, you can put on a tortilla and put Guacamole.

Tortillas de Harina are tortillas made of Wheat flour.

Caguamanta is made of Manta ray and shrimp, it is prepared as a soup with Manta ray, shrimp and some vegetables, Also you can prepare them as Tacos, Originally it was with Loggerhead sea turtle meat, but the Loggerhead is in Danger of extintion so fishing them is ilegal.

Coyotas are cookies made with wheat flour it can be fill with chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, mango and other fruits, are like empanadas but in a circle shape.

Sports in Cherniv

Soccer is the most played sport in Cherniv

Cherniv most popular sport is Football (or Soccer) played by more than a half of the population in Cherniv, Cherniv has a National Team of Football affiliated to FIFAM and is playing the Qualifiers to Germax 2019 (The next world cup of FIFAM), Also there is National Team of Futsal that they Won the 2016 IFFA Cup an Intermicronational cup of the IFFA, Cherniv are the actual champions and the only champions of the cup.

Other Sports played are American Football, Basketball and Curling

Participations of Cherniv in micronational competitions

Cherniv has participated in IFFA Cup in Futsal, Cherniv was on Group B with Belajio, Anasia and Sexistan, Cherniv qualified as first position in the group, The Semi-final was against Occitania Cherniv won 2-0, It was the first tournament the National Team participated and qualified for a final, the final was against Belajio the result of the match was 2-1, Cherniv National Futsal team won the first IFFA Cup in his history and became World Champions of Futsal, there is no more editions of the IFFA Cup and the IFFA is inactive or defunct, so Cherniv are the absolute World Champions of the IFFA.

Also in Futsal Cherniv (Fitberland) made a Cup called Intercup of Fitberland where the National team faced Coria in a match that Cherniv won 1-0 and qualified to the final, Cherniv vs Occitania, the result was 1-1 but in penalty kicks Occitania won against the World Champions 5-4

Cherniv also participated on 2016 Kempinski VII Micronational Olympic Games, Cherniv didn´t won medals, Cherniv will participate on IX Micronational Olympic Games (This year), it will be the 2nd Time that Cherniv participates in a Micronational Olympic Games

Cherniv National Soccer Team at the moment has not participated in any Micronational World Cup of FIFAM, But it´s participating in the Qualifying Phases on Group B of COMAF with Persico, Woulten Land and Nueva Esparta

There is no Basketball and Curling National Team because there is no other teams to play a match.

The Chernivian Olympic delegation won 2 medals (Silver and Bronze) at the IX Micronational Olympic Games of Puerto Victoria 2018

Rocket Missions

Tea Rocket

It was a Rocket Failed mission made with a bag of tea

At 2:00 UTC the rocket supposed to launch, but the rocket got on fire.

CCSBV Rocket Mission

The Coca-Cola Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar Rocket Mission is a Future Rocket Mission made by RMC (Rocket Missions of Cherniv) and it´s going to be launched on early or late August

We saw a video, with people doing this rocket launch, but the rocket went on a bad direction, so we dont know where is going to fell down.

Cherniv leaves the United Micronations (2009)

On July 30, 2018, Raul I announceed that was going to leave the United Micronations 2009.

Message send to the United Micronations (In Spanish)

"Como anunció nuestro Jefe de Estado, Cherniv abandona la Organización de las Micronaciones Unidas.

Abandonamos la Organización debido a que Cherniv no ve ningún motivo para seguir en la Organización. Eso sí, Cherniv seguirá por este medio pero por ser miembro del COIM. Cherniv no se va porque le disgusta la Organización o algo por el estilo, al contrario. Es una gran organización que tiene muchos años de historia y que Cherniv respeta. Cherniv no descarta que en un futuro vuelva a solicitar reingresar a esta organización, así que no es un Adiós sí no un hasta pronto."

Muchísimas gracias."

Translated to English (Aprox.)

"As our Head of State announced, Cherniv leaves the Organization of the United Micronations.

We leave the Organization because Cherniv don´t see any reason to stay here. Cherniv will stay here (Forum), because we are members of COIM. Cherniv isn´t leaving because Cherniv don´t like this Organization or something like that, It´s a great organization that has many years of history, and Cherniv respects the UM. Cherniv maybe in a future, will be back in this organization. It is a See you later not a Goodbye"

Thank you